The Ultimate Guide to Using a Cricut Machine

Cricut machines are such a versatile tool to help empower you as a crafter and DIY enthusiast and to help you bring your creative visions to life with ease. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner looking to dive into the world of personalized crafting, learning how to get started with your Cricut machine is the key to unleashing your creativity. I've had various cutting machines since 2010, and there is always a learning curve. And of course, there's always a chance to learn more even if you already think you know what you are doing! So dive in with me and check out this ultimate guide to using your Cricut cutting machine!



How to Celebrate the Holidays on a Budget

I know, I know, it feels a little early to start writing about the holidays. But friends, it's the perfect time to start thinking about the holidays. Especially if you want to celebrate without falling into the trap of overspending. I'm here to show you that you don't need to break the bank to have a memorable holiday season with your loved ones. You can be generous and frugal all at the same time! I'll be sharing creative tips and ideas on how to celebrate the holidays in a budget-friendly way without compromising the holiday cheer! The secret is to start planning now!

how to celebrate the holidays on a budget


How to Find Cheaper Produce

If you’ve been around the produce section of your local grocery store, then it’s not a secret that food has gotten outrageously expensive! Getting inexpensive produce is not as impossible as it might seem, and you can avoid paying full price for the fruits and vegetables on your meal plan. Here is how to find cheaper produce no matter when you’re looking!



A Beginner's Guide to a DIY Bathroom Update

You know how everyone on those TV house hunting shows is looking for an open concept home? You know, one that has flow and doesn't feel boxed in with small rooms breaking everything up? Well, those are great. But when it comes time to remodel or replace something, you often have to replace all the things since one thing flows to the other. That was the case when we recently remodeled our kitchen

We had a half bathroom downstairs that needed updating and it was shockingly easier {and less expensive!} to DIY than we thought. In fact, I took over the majority of the DIY on my own to save money. This isn't the first time I've updated a bathroom. In fact, they are pretty darn easy spaces if you are just getting your feet wet in DIY. I've got a full beginner's guide on how to update your space without breaking the bank. Even if you aren't touching the rest of the home, this will give you a quick refresh that will help you gauge the level of your abilities if you want to progress on in DIY projects. Are you ready?

beginners guide to diy bathroom remodel


Fall Dog-Friendly Fun in the San Juan Islands

I went decades living in the greater Pacific Northwest not ever visiting the San Juan Islands, but after my first visit, now I can't get enough! This time, we are taking our two favorite furry family members to enjoy this beautiful island in the fall. I will inevitably get some confusion about the San Juan's. Many people will assume that we are headed to Puerto Rico. The San Juan Islands are actually nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest and offer an incredibly picturesque destination for travelers wanting to experience the natural beauty of the islands. The islands are often hopping with visitors in the summer, but the fall season offers the chance to experience a quieter, more intimate charm that is perfect for travelers with four-legged companions! Come explore San Juan Island with me {and Milo and Frankie!}. 

fall fun in the san juan islands

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