Paper Christmas Tree

I'm so busy trying to pack up our house and prepare to move, that I am super disappointed that I am not able to keep up with all of the Christmas crafts I would like to. I've been featuring a few so that you can be inspired and that I can remember all the wonderful things I want to do when I am not knee deep in boxes.

So when I saw this adorable paper Christmas tree, I knew I had to feature it. Head on over to Joy is At Home for the tutorial.


Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

I love these tissue paper trees from Spunky Junky. Go here to get a tutorial. I know it's on my to do list.

A New Home

It's going to be busy around my house for the next month or so. Back in July my husband and I put an offer on this house. We have been waiting for the deal to go through and in terms of a short sale four months isn't that long. We got both of the bank approval papers from the sellers loans, and now are moving forward. So with the inspection behind us and the closing date looming (less than two weeks away) we are moving very quickly. Bear with me as we go through these changes. I will be sure to have lots of posts as we make our new house a home.


craft bazaar preview

I've been working hard this week trying to get items together for the annual Meeker Craft bazaar this Saturday from 10-4. If you are local, please come find me. I would love to see you!

I made several coordinating items this year. What do you think of my new petal pusher pins?

I also have coordinating coffee cozies, wallets, and kleenex holders. Fingers crossed I sell something!


What I wore Wednesday 18

While I was on vacation I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures for What I Wore Wednesday. But we did get this sunset beach shot of my family that I thought I would share with you. So for this week, we will be doing the What I Wore Wednesday-garage sale family edition. Are you ready?

From left to right:
My son Aidan: Unionbay shirt-$1
shorts: $1
Me: Romy dress clearance $4.99
My daughter Isabella: Gap shirt-50 cents
Justice shorts: $1
My husband Mike: Polo Shirt:$1
Shorts-Abercrombie: $1
My son Owen: Gap shirt: 50 cents
shorts: $1

Total for the family: $11.99

No joke! The whole family was dressed for under $12. And we don't look half bad!

And one last show and share: One of the highlights of the trip was being able to see turtles hatch and get to release them into the ocean. Our family is still talking about it. Isn't that a cool experience?!


Felt Christmas trees

Aren't these felt trees adorable? Head over to Jolly Allsorts for your free tutorial.

Feature-Music sheet tree

After spending a week on the beach in Ixtapa, Mexico, I stepped onto the bus to head back to pick up our car and was shocked to hear Christmas music. I don't know if it's was just me still in my flip flops, but it felt like it just doesn't seem like Christmas is right around the corner.

Once I got knee deep in about my seventh load of laundry, I got a chance to peek at some of what I missed around blog land. I stumbled on this adorable music sheet Christmas tree.

Go pop on over to Urban Daisies and see how to make one of your own. I know it's on my to do list.


What I Wore Wednesday 17

Welcome to another edition of What I Wore Wednesday-(not so much) garage sale edition. Where I link up with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy and you get to see the great deals I score at garage sales.

This week I had less garage sale finds, and more cheap on sale finds. That's what happens when the weather turns colder and the garage sales fizzle out.

First off:
white blouse-American Eagle: 50 cents
black belt:free (came with a dress)
Jeans-Vigoss: $1
shoes: Nordstrom Rack bought years ago
Total: $1.50

I try to stay away from the mall but with a trip coming up next week, I had a few things I needed to pick up. I had a hard time passing up some of the deals.

Grey tuxedo shirt-Romy: $2.99 (new!)
sweater-Forever 21: $20 (I own several Forever 21 items, but have never bought from there before. I know why now...that store is so overwhelming to me!)
jeans-Seven: $10
grey shoes again!

The sweater makes another appearance today
sweater-Forever 21
shirt-Ann Taylor Loft: $17
Jeans-Vigoss: Nordstrom on sale
grey shoes...again


Making your own skinny jeans

A few weeks ago I went in search of some skinny jeans at the store. You know me, they had to be cheap! I tried on so many pairs of jeans with no luck. Some of the jeans didn't have pockets, the buttons were fake, there were elastic waists in was a mess. I thought, I have some jeans at home I like that were in my give away pile, why don't I try to make them skinny. So I did. And this is what I came up with. Cute right?

**updated to add some newer pictures of my skinny jeans in action, not just of me in my lumberjack shirt.

Here's you how do it. Take one of your old pairs of jeans and put them on.

Then turn them inside out.

Find the thick seam on your jeans. You don't want to use that. Find the thinner seam. I found that it's usually on the outside of the pants. Starting just above the knee all the way down to the ankle, pin along pulling your jeans tight as you go, but making sure the inside thick seam is always laying straight along your leg. Can you see the pins down the side?

Here they are closer. Now take off the jeans carefully.

Because that line by the knee is such a sharp corner, you need to make a nice line to ease into the existing seam. I used a nice big yard stick and a sharpie marker.

Take your sharpie and mark on the OUTSIDE of the pinned line (disregard the picture above, yes, I am marking the inside and I had to do it over!). To clarify, make the line to the right of your pins that you put on your pants on the right leg, to the left on the left side of the pants, closest to the part you are going to cut off.

AGAIN, make the line on the outside of the pins, closest to where you are going to cut off.

Starting at the ankle and working your way up, follow your sharpie line and stitch making sure the fabric is tight and laying flat.

IMPORTANT: Try on your pants after you finish sewing them. See if they fit the way you want them to. If they don't, take the seam out and try again. If they do, great. Cut the extra fabric off about 1/4 inch from the stitched line.

Then serge them up. If you don't have a serger, use a zig zag stitch or use fray check. Jeans fray and when you wash them the seam can unravel and open up.

And that's it! It took me less than a half an hour. Go try it, and let me know how it worked for you.

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