Make the Most of One Day in Zion National Park: Maximize Your Time With These Tips!

The Southwest has some of the most magnificent National Parks out there. Zion was Utah's first National Park and is often on the top of people's favorite US parks. The massive sandstone cliffs will dwarf you and the narrow slot canyons will draw you in. There is plenty to explore at Zion National Park, but if one day is all you have, you can most definitely get a generous taste of this beautiful park. I'll give you all the best tips so that you can maximize your time at Zion National Park.

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Easy Meal Ideas for College Students or Young Adults Who Don't Have a Meal Plan

You’re heading to college, or maybe you have a child leaving the nest for the first time and are wondering if they’re ready for life outside your humble abode. Being out on your own means more independence and that also means learning to cook for the first time. Dining hall meals won’t last forever, and boxed mac and cheese can only get you so far. If you are a young adult or know someone who could use some easy meal ideas to help them get started on their cooking journey, here are easy meal ideas that are perfect for college students or young adults.

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