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Painted Wooden Hanging Plant Stand with Chalkboard

I love a good hanging basket but I have one problem. Every year I kill the ones I buy. They hang up so high that I usually forget to water them because out of sight, out of mind. Also, I'm never quite sure how much sun or shade a plant gets so it's usually trial and error. But I got to thinking, hanging baskets are so pretty and when they hang you kind of miss like 50% of the flowers and plants inside because you just can't see them. So, why not move them down to a plant stand? I saw one of these wooden hanging plant stands at a home last year while I was going to garage sales and I thought it was genius. So come see how I made it my own and now I have this painted wooden hanging plant stand on my front porch to enjoy all 100% of the plant. Now here's hoping I keep it watered so it stays alive!

The Best Food Trucks in Seattle

It all started with the ice cream truck. Somewhere along the line, the ice cream truck evolved into the food truck and people started buying gourmet cuisine from the side of a truck. Totally normal. Everyone's doing it. In fact. there is even sometimes a social media hunt to find out what neighborhood your favorite food truck will be in. Seattle has some of the best food trucks in the Pacific Northwest. Heck, Seattle has some of the best food in general, so come hunt down some of the best food trucks in Seattle with me.

The No Stress Guide to Preparing for Your Tropical Vacation

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Sometimes you need a vacation from planning to leave for your vacation! It's a lot of work! Getting ready to leave home for any amount of time can be a little stressful, so why not ease the stress a bit and make sure you plan ahead with these easy steps so that you can not only be prepared to leave for your trip ready to unwind, but that you can come home to an organized clean house ready to welcome you back to the harsh reality of life again. 

Packing Smart and Traveling Light: A Vacation Pro's Tips on How to Pack

Disclosure: I've partnered with Stitch Fix to bring you this post. All opinions are 100% my own. I wouldn't share them with you if I didn't love them!

Have you ever unpacked after a trip and then looked at your what you brought and been like, I didn't even use half of what I packed?! Yep. I've been there. I like to pack light. I didn't start out that way, I just kind of fell into it. I realized that when I was packing I was bringing so many things I wasn't using, so through the years I've streamlined what I bring with me on a vacation or trip and am able to pack smart for all my needs, but also travel light too. I've got all my pro tips on how you can do just that too! Maybe you already pack light but are open to learning a thing or two, either way, read on!

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The Many Benefits of Family Travel

Some of the best family memories surround adventures that take place during a family vacation. For a moment during the course of our busy lives, we are frozen in time so to speak, taking in all the majestic sights and enjoying amazing activities with each other. These memories of a family vacation bring a sense of togetherness and absolute joy and create lifetime conversations because of shared experiences.

These days many parents are choosing to take their family on vacation in the place of traditional gifts over the holidays or for birthdays. Family travel can be extremely beneficial for every member of the family, having everyone come back with a new memory to look back on and experiences to treasure.

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