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Patriotic Suckers You Can Make at Home

Memorial Day is right around the corner and it's not to much longer until we celebrate the Fourth of July. Why not, do this fun little kitchen science experiment with your kids and make these fun Patriotic Suckers that you can share with your friends while you celebrate. It's really easy to make your own candy and your kids will love learning what that process looks like as you do a this kitchen science experiment and make these fun suckers to celebrate with.

Shrimp Hobo Foil Dinner Recipe

One of my most vivid memories as a kid was going to sleep away camp. For the first time ever, I made a meal in foil and cooked it over the campfire. I was so proud of that meal. Pretty sure it was the first thing in my life I had ever cooked. Fast forward now and I've made plenty of meals now, but my favorites are the ones that can be made in one dish, either over the fire in a foil packet or in a sheet pan. This shrimp hobo foil dinner is not only easy to make, it's the perfect summer meal for camping or for an easy clean up backyard BBQ meal. Come get the recipe and put it on your summer list!

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Girls Trip to Olympia, Washington

My daughter turned 16 and wanted nothing more than to spend a night in a swanky hotel with her friends and explore an area away from home. She's got a wanderer's heart that one, and I was happy to oblige. We didn't have to travel far to find the fun capital city of our state. It's funny because we are often traveling in the opposite direction to head to Seattle, thinking that the boring legislative town is just for suits, but I think we found more than enough to give anyone reason to head to Olympia to visit. It's not a stuffy city at all and whether you are planning a girls trip or a weekend getaway to the Seattle area, Olympia is a city not to be missed!

Dark and Moody Navy Blue Dining Room Reveal

I'm not sure if it's just because I painted my dining room navy blue, but now I'm noticing navy blue rooms everywhere. And I'm not sad about it! I actually think I love the deep dark tones and texture, which is funny because normally I'm all about light and bright. I think I've finally finished up making most of the changes in my dining room after painting the walls with Sherwin Williams Naval, and I wanted to take a second to reveal some of those changes. I didn't do much, but the whole space feels totally different and I didn't even replace a single piece of furniture! I'm sure I'll be searching for some more accessories for the room {because I love my accessories!}, but for now, I'm excited to show you the big reveal of my navy blue dining room.

Fun Outdoor Activities for You and Your Dog

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Petcurean. All opinions are 100% my own.

Our dogs are a part of our family. When we can, we like to include them in the things that we are doing. Dogs can also get bored easily and that can lead to them turning to naughty behavior. Bringing your dog with you while you are out and about won't only strengthen your bond, but it will also provide the mental and physical stimulation that your pet needs. There are lots of fun things to do on the go with your pooch. These are just a few dog friendly activities that you can add to your list and you are both sure to have a tail-wagging good time!

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