7 Ways to Find More Time to Read

Reading is not only a great and inexpensive hobby, but it’s also a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Whether you prefer to dive into mystery, romance, or just reread the classics, it can be hard not to get lost in a good book. However, it can start to feel like there is never enough time to get lost in reading these days when it comes to time. Here are a few ways to help you find more time to read, no matter how busy you are.


Vacation Destination Ideas for Milestone Anniversary Trips

Regardless of the anniversary milestone, and no matter how many years or decades it’s been since you said “I do,” a trip gives you the perfect opportunity to celebrate this important milestone in your relationship as a married couple. A romantic getaway is an ideal opportunity for you to relive your honeymoon 20+ years later or get some much-needed downtime with your spouse for once. It might even be the first trip you take together as a couple since having a family. Here are some of my favorite vacation destinations for milestone anniversaries.

vacation destination anniversary trips

5 Ways to Connect with Your High School Graduate Before They Leave the Nest

Can you believe that your little baby is about to graduate from high school? It might feel like just yesterday you were changing their diapers for the first time, but they’re about to become a full-fledged adult. Before they start college or leave the nest for the first time, you still have a summer to make memories before they go. Here are some great ways to connect with your high school graduate before leaving the nest.

connect high school graduate before leave the nest

5 Reasons I Wouldn't Visit Horseshoe Bend Again

There were a few stops along our Ultimate Southwest Road Trip that I was most excited about, and sunset at Horseshoe Bend was one of them! I started seeing photos of this amazingly beautiful location on Instagram a few years ago and added it to my list if I was ever in the area. We actually planned our trips to include a stop in Page, Arizona with a hike to Horseshoe Bend at the top of my list. After visiting, I was disappointed. Here are 5 reasons why I wouldn't visit Horseshoe Bend again.


Best Place to Watch Sunrise on Grand Canyon's Southern Rim

When you find yourself close to a National Park, you should always take advantage of viewing sunrise and/or sunset. Many of the National Parks we visited on our Ultimate Southwest Road Trip™ are doing their best to work towards the International Dark Sky status. This just means that a park is doing its best to improve the night sky visibility in order to protect and preserve the nighttime environment. Sunrise is a different story! One of my first questions to any and all of the park rangers and volunteers was "where is the best place to watch the sunrise?" I got a lot of different answers and with only one morning sunrise to test it out, I think we found the winner! Read on!

sunrise at grand canyon best place

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