Top Tips for International Travel with Teens

Traveling with your teenagers can be a fun and fulfilling experience for both you and your teenager. Traveling can not only help your teenager experience new cultures but can also help you bond and build memories together. If you’re new to traveling with your teenager, here are a few of my best tips to help with international travel with teens.



6 Tips for Reducing Food Waste

The amount of food waste the average family wastes each year is higher than most of us would like to own up to. Now that the teens and young adults have moved out and left the nest, it can feel like you still need to make those massive family dinners for five even though your family has shrunk. Here are my secrets to help you avoid food waste as a smaller family and help you avoid wasting both food and money!

tips for reducing food waste


Fun Things to See and Do in Cairo and Giza

Cairo Museum included, this Egyptian capital also promises perfume palaces, papyrus galleries, Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar and exciting camel rides! Egypt's capital Cairo and its town on the outskirts - Giza - are not just about history. A traveler can unearth fun experiences, by digging a little deeper with an Egyptian guide, even on a short trip. I've got fun things you can see and do when you travel to Cairo and Giza. It's a trip you are going to want to add to your bucket list!

camel rides in cairo egypt

The Best Time to Visit Iceland: The Answer Might Surprise You!

I don't like to be cold, so Iceland really wasn't at the top of my travel list. However, when my daughter and I started planning a high school graduation trip {that had to be thrice rescheduled...sorry class of 2020!}, the stopover flights through Iceland had me intrigued. We could add a stopover and explore a new country without any extra cost for airfare! So we booked the trip. We made the most of a 24-hour stopover {you can read about how we maximized our time here} and after getting a small taste of this beautiful country that my daughter says is like a colder Hawaii {an apt description}, it's definitely on my radar to explore again!  So when is the best time to visit Iceland? Read on! The answer might surprise you!



How to Plan Vacations with Young Adults

While traveling as a family can be a great time to make memories, sometimes taking a vacation when your kids are older or with other adults can be where the longer-lasting memories are actually made. But trying to get a vacation on the books with young adults can prove to be tricky and can raise a few questions you might not have considered before. If you’re looking for some tips to help you plan a vacation with young adults, here are some things to consider while planning.

vacation with young adult children

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