Fun Things to See and Do in Cairo and Giza

Cairo Museum included, this Egyptian capital also promises perfume palaces, papyrus galleries, Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar and exciting camel rides! Egypt's capital Cairo and its town on the outskirts - Giza - are not just about history. A traveler can unearth fun experiences, by digging a little deeper with an Egyptian guide, even on a short trip. I've got fun things you can see and do when you travel to Cairo and Giza. It's a trip you are going to want to add to your bucket list!

camel rides in cairo egypt

Fun Things to See and Do in Cairo and Giza

camel rides by the pyramids in cairo egypt

Camel Ride at Giza Pyramids

Tourists can make like Lawrence of Arabia and ride a camel at the Giza Pyramids, for about $25 USD. A guide can arrange this, but both the camel owners and the photo-taking assistant will expect to be paid. Pricey perhaps, but a camel ride makes a trip to Cairo worthwhile. 

Camels are known as ships of the desert, as they seem to glide across the sands. Women are better off wearing pants to the Giza Pyramids to make camel riding easier. For safety purposes, make sure you bring along your belongs, or have someone waiting with your things since property theft is common here.

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Fun Things to See and Do in Cairo and Giza

Cairo Museum and Mummy Rooms

Cairo Museum offers so many treasures that one can spend days exploring Tutankhamen's sarcophagus, its tomb artifacts, visceral jars, seeds, and jewelry. On a short visit, the Mummy Rooms should not be missed. Many tourists don't know that there are actually two rooms, not one, where mummified bodies are displayed. Queen Hatshepsut, King Ramesses II, and their royal helpers' bodies can be seen, even a nurse with her hair intact. Thousands of years later and these mummified bodies are well-preserved, thanks to a recipe that remains unknown.

cairo museumPerfume Palaces in Cairo

Egypt's place in history and Cleopatra's seductive charms give it a sensuous reputation. Egypt is full of natural resources – as can be seen in its perfume factories. The range of natural oils is impressive. These oils are 100% pure sans alcohol, and last well. Guests can purchase single natural oils like lotus flower and papyrus {the National flowers of upper and lower Egypt}, and blends with suitable names like ‘Ramses II' for men and ‘Secret of the Desert' for women. Egyptian craftsmanship is showcased in delicately blown perfume bottles that can be bought to contain the oils.

Visit Al Azhar Park

Formerly a garbage dump, Al Azhar park is one of Cairo's largest parks. You'll find fountains, manicured gardens, recreation area and restaurants. The highlight of the park is the Ayyubid Wall constructed more than 800 years ago. There is an entrance fee of about $1 USD but that provides access to the wall and access to the bathrooms. The park provides a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. 

bazaar in cairo egypt

Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar

The Egyptian bazaar Khan Al-Khalili is not as terrifying as some travelers think, in terms of aggressive salesmanship. Shop owners know the bargaining drill, and so should the traveler. It is common practice for customers to haggle the price down. The trick is for the customer to look disinterested, so that the price quickly drops. Unlike a flea market, the bazaar is made of rows with shops lined up along alleyways, selling Egyptian scarves, perfume bottles, souvenir pyramids and jewelry. It is a good place for bargaining, and travelers may be surprised what good deals they can get. Like all the rest, this Egyptian hotspot is not to be missed.

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