Top Tips for International Travel with Teens

Traveling with your teenagers can be a fun and fulfilling experience for both you and your teenager. Traveling can not only help your teenager experience new cultures but can also help you bond and build memories together. If you’re new to traveling with your teenager, here are a few of my best tips to help with international travel with teens.


Top Tips for International Travel with Teens

international travel with teens

Places to Travel with Teens


We have been traveling with our kids since they were little, which means they were a little more used to traveling by the time they became teenagers. However, where we go and what we enjoy doing on our travels have helped us come up with a few suggestions for those of you stuck on where to explore.


Ireland has something for everyone, from sheep and castles to scenic landscapes and outdoor exploration. Take your teen to Ireland to stay the night in a castle and explore the fields of Ireland like a local.

I was surprised at how many adventure activities there were in Ireland. 

Check it out: Outdoor Adventure in Ireland with Teens


From charming cafes to a world rich with art and fashion, your teen will want to take it all in. From seeing classics such as the Eiffel Tower to exploring the French Riviera, there will be more than enough to captivate any teen here.

What to Expect on Your First Visit to Paris

While exploring Paris with my daughter was delightful, the part I loved on our trip the most was renting a car and taking a 5 day trip to Normandy. For the record, Normandy is WAY more than just D Day beaches! That history is so important to explore, but there's so much more in the region. 

The Best 5 Day Normandy Road Trip

travel abroad with teens


Rome and Venice are just two recommendations for families looking to see the main attractions, such as the dreamy atmosphere and the Vatican City and Colosseum. Those looking to see sights will love visiting Italy.

The Best Place to Stay on the Amalfi Coast

Our family loved adding on a trip to the Amalfi Coast as well. The kids still say this was our best family vacation hands down!

Visiting the Amalfi Coast with Teens

And in case you were wondering...Will You Really Need a Skip the Line Pass in Rome?


If your family is full of adventure lovers, they will love exploring this country. From waterfalls that take your breath away to snorkeling between tectonic plates at Silfra fissure, there is no shortage of adventure.

Did you know that if you fly Iceland Airlines you can add a "free" stopover in Iceland for up to 7 days? It's a great way to explore another country. 

Here is what we were able to see in 24 hours on our stopover!


Practice your Spanish as you roam the streets of Spain. See original art by Picasso or order tapas from a local cafe while you relax along the Costa del Sol. Spain is full of culture and so many beautiful scenic views.

Tips on International Travel with Teens

international travel tips with teens

Know what your teen enjoys

Teens have their own unique set of things they like and dislike. Just like you have your own preferences, they will also have theirs. Don’t be afraid to explore those, and take the time to plan a trip around what your teen enjoys. This can help you get excited about the trip and help you plan fun things for both of you.

Connection is okay

Don’t be so quick to take screens away from your teen while traveling. They need their gaming and connections to the outside world. Sure it will bug you if they’re glued to their screens, so set some ground rules.

Give them time for sleep and freedom

Teenagers will need a lot more sleep and generally enjoy sleeping in more. Give them time from the tours and trips just to do what they want to do, even if that’s just scrolling through their phone. Downtime isn’t always the worst thing for a teen.

While I wrote these 5 tips specifically for visiting Italy with teens, it has a lot of the same mentality that we use when we travel internationally with them as well. Check out my best tips here.

Don't forget, if you are traveling for 4 weeks or more, to make sure that you are covered with Nomad Insurance. You can purchase it at any point in your journey and it will make sure you are covered for any medical or travel issue that might arise. Two children under the age of 10 can be included in your insurance free of charge!

No matter what trip is at the top of your and your teen’s bucket list, hopefully, this post will help ensure you are better prepared for whatever trip you have planned.

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