Tips for Making the Most of Online Classes

There is so much uncertainty in the world right now about what fall will look like for those going to school. Whether you have a child entering college, high school, or even elementary school, there is a genuine possibility that some or all of their classes will be online. Online classes can be a great way to help make sure your child still gets the education they need when they can’t be in the classroom, and it might not be a choice. Here are some tips for making the most of online classes.

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Everything you Need to Know about Packing a COVID Quarantine Bag for your College Student

It feels like yesterday that I was packing and repacking my hospital bag for the birth of my daughter, but right now in our house, all we are doing is thinking about packing her bags for her college dorm room. Sending our child off to a college campus during the time of a global pandemic isn't an easy decision, but it's one we are cautiously moving ahead with in the next few weeks. One of the campuses bullet points for reintegration for their residential students is that there will be designated rooms set aside for self-quarantine and isolation. In these uncertain times, it's not a bad idea to have a plan because if your child, living on a college campus, hundreds {or thousdands} of miles away from home has to quickly leave their dorm room for a quarantine location, having a bag that can be easily grabbed by a roommate or friend sitting on the bottom of their closet will be far easier than someone trying to figure out what to pack for them. Here are a few suggestions for some items your college resident can use to pack in a COVID quarantine bag just in case they test positive.

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4 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Confidence is an important attribute in shaping social skills and emotional intelligence. Without confidence, your child may struggle with becoming independent or standing up for themselves when they feel peer pressure. Self-confidence helps with the transition into elementary, middle, and even high school. It can give them the boost to ask the girl or boy they’ve had a crush on since Kindergarten to the dance or later in life it can help them go after their dream job. Every achievement, both big and small are stepping stones to self-confidence and you can help them get there. So how do you help your child boost their confidence? I'm sharing four ways you can help encourage this trait today.

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National Parks That are Open Right Now!

Although the summer travel season is right on your doorstep, the pandemic is making vacationing a little bit more interesting! There are over 60 parks adopting different types of security measurements and gradually reopening, but everything can change at a moment’s notice. {Does that not seem like the trend of 2020???}

For now, these are the national parks where you can take a social distancing hike or get a whiff of fresh air. Make sure to see the latest updates on official sites and follow CDC recommendations

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10 Reasons to Stay in a VRBO Rental on Your Next Trip

Hotels have gotten expensive over the years, and I’ve found that many times, they are not worth the price! In a hotel, you are usually stuck with a single uncomfortable bed that was easily three digits, if not more, for your stay! If you travel with your family, no one is happy because everyone is on top of each other with no privacy or break from each other. This separation is the key to a happy family vacation with pre-teens and teens if you were wondering. Not only that, in the current state of the world, having space for your family that allows you a change of scenery from your four walls, a home rental from VRBO will also allow you the ability to get away in a safe way. If you are looking for a new way to stay, try giving a VRBO Rental a try on your next trip! It will change the way you travel. Here are ten reasons why you should stay in a VRBO Rental.

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Watermelon Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

Watermelon strawberry lemonade will be your new favorite go-to summer drink. It's classic lemonade meets fresh and sweet watermelon with a hint of strawberry and it creates the perfect summer refreshment. The recipe is easy and delicious. Adding watermelon is an easy way to provide a new twist on an old favorite. You are going to love this watermelon strawberry lemonade recipe. Give it a try!

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Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles

This strawberry lemonade popsicle is delicious and refreshing, making it the perfect summer dessert recipe to cool off with! My garden is bursting with fresh strawberries and I'm always looking for new recipes to make with them. Why not mix two summer favorite flavors and create this delicious dessert or snack? If strawberries aren't in season where you live, you can always use frozen strawberries partially thawed, but man, a good fresh strawberry is perfectly sweet and perfectly delicious and will make the best tasting popsicle around!

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5 Ways Parents Can Stay Connected with College-Age Kids

This post is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When you have a handful of small children all tugging at your leg, you don't think the day will ever happen when they leave the nest, but they do. And it's what you are working toward as a parent. Sending your high school graduate off into the world as they spread their wings can be a difficult transition. Your home and family will no longer look or feel the same, and your relationship with your child will evolve and change. Sending care packages with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health products that are familiar to them, or taking the time to enter each other's world through video chat are all great ways to stay connected. 

Transitioning from the day-to-day relationship where you all live in the same home to being miles {sometimes states!} away can be difficult. As parents, we often wonder how we can still stay involved in their lives, and let our kids know they are loved and cared for, without feeling like we are stifling their independence is a delicate dance. Here are 5 tips I have for staying connected with your college-age kids as they leave home.

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DIY Removable Vinyl Wallpaper made with the Cricut Joy

I have one space in my home that is solely my own. I don't have to share the space with anyone and other people's personal effects rarely creep into it. It's my master bedroom closet. It's been my favorite part of the house since we moved in and it's seen its fair share of transformation through the years. This latest transformation is one of my favorites. It's an idea I've had brewing and am so glad I was able to make it come to fruition. When I got my Cricut Joy earlier this year, I have been calling it my small but mighty crafting tool. This little workhorse was all I needed to create a HUGE transformation in my favorite space. And I did it in a flash!

before and after master bedroom closet with wallpaper

I made my own DIY removable repeat pattern vinyl "wallpaper" with the Cricut Joy and it's something awesome. I mean, flamingos. Come on. Keep reading and see how easy it is to make a complete transformation of your space and quickly and easily personalize just about anything {including your walls!}, with the Cricut Joy.

flamingo repeating pattern wallpaper
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