10 Reasons to Stay in a VRBO Rental on Your Next Trip

Hotels have gotten expensive over the years, and I’ve found that many times, they are not worth the price! In a hotel, you are usually stuck with a single uncomfortable bed that was easily three digits, if not more, for your stay! If you travel with your family, no one is happy because everyone is on top of each other with no privacy or break from each other. This separation is the key to a happy family vacation with pre-teens and teens if you were wondering. Not only that, in the current state of the world, having space for your family that allows you a change of scenery from your four walls, a home rental from VRBO will also allow you the ability to get away in a safe way. If you are looking for a new way to stay, try giving a VRBO Rental a try on your next trip! It will change the way you travel. Here are ten reasons why you should stay in a VRBO Rental.

air bnb or homeaway rental which to choose for your next vacation

10 Reasons to Stay in a VRBO Rental on Your Next Trip

New to home renting? Start here: A Beginners Guide to Booking a HomeAway or VRBO Rental

**recently HomeAway was acquired by VRBO. They are now providing one great service!

VRBO offers a resort-like experience

Airbnb focuses on a variety of different options for its guests but VRBO focuses mostly on luxury and upscale accommodations. You can find many different options and narrow them down based on what is important to you. 

I love being able to filter what I'm looking for. Looking for something pet-friendly? Want a water view or extra bathrooms? You can narrow down your search to include exactly what you are looking for.


No account? No problem

With VRBO, you don’t need to create an account to book! You can book your rental without creating a VRBO user account. 

booking a homeaway or air bnb property

VRBO focuses on full space rentals

VRBO focuses on giving you a rental place to stay. This means you won’t be staying in the spare room of someone’s house. You’ll have the whole rental to yourself! 

This is especially helpful if you are looking for accommodations in other countries. On other sites, you may not realize you are looking at a room in someone's home with a shared bathroom. This is quite common!

VRBO is perfect for travel in the time of COVID

You also won't have to worry about sharing germs or viruses with anyone other than your family during your stay when you have the whole space to yourself.

This experience will allow you to really get to know the area you are visiting and will help you feel like a local. The homes also are fully stocked with everything you need to make your vacation a success. I've always been pleasantly surprised with fully-stocked game rooms and often-forgotten home items that are available in the rental space. 

VRBO has flexible payment options

With VRBO, you can pay in a variety of options. You can even pay during the check-in! With Airbnb, you have to use either a credit card or an Airbnb credit. 

VRBO charges less in additional fees

With rental sites, you will usually be charged fees for everything under the sun! This may range from cleaning to resort fees. VRBO’s fees are typically two percent less than Airbnb!

Keep in mind the resort fees when booking as it will increase your nightly rate.

why should you stay at a homeaway or airbnb property for your next vacation

VRBO has lower book rates in most cases

As I mentioned above, you won’t be able to get any couches or spare rooms through VRBO, but for comparable rentals, you can expect to pay about 5 percent less. 

This makes it the perfect option for a family or a group traveling.

VRBO has a better review system in place

VRBO allows guests to review their rental for up to a year after their rental stay! After their initial posting, these reviews go live after just 48 hours! The reviews are the perfect place to find out what the rental is really like. If the home doesn't have a review, be cautious!

Always read the reviews! Always.

VRBO has a better and more accessible customer service support system in place

Airbnb has a phone number where they want you to call for most scenarios. However, they do have an email help center. VRBO has both email and phone calls for guests and hosts. Their response time is much faster compared to Airbnb!

VRBO has fewer “less than ideal” rentals compared to Airbnb

Too many times, I’ve found myself in an Airbnb with a place that is far less than what was described. Amenities weren’t as described, or the place is located in a rough neighborhood. With VRBO, this does not happen nearly as much as with Airbnb.

VRBO operates similar to a travel agent

If you want to hop from hostel to hostel during your travel, you can’t go wrong with Airbnb prices. However, if you are looking for something more upscale, VRBO provides that experience. They work more like a travel agent than a booking site and give you that familiar service.

New to VRBO? Start here: A Beginners Guide to Booking a Home Rental

booking a home for your next vacation

If you’re new to VRBO, I hope these reasons have given you a push to help you give it a try! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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