DIY Removable Vinyl Wallpaper made with the Cricut Joy

I have one space in my home that is solely my own. I don't have to share the space with anyone and other people's personal effects rarely creep into it. It's my master bedroom closet. It's been my favorite part of the house since we moved in and it's seen its fair share of transformation through the years. This latest transformation is one of my favorites. It's an idea I've had brewing and am so glad I was able to make it come to fruition. When I got my Cricut Joy earlier this year, I have been calling it my small but mighty crafting tool. This little workhorse was all I needed to create a HUGE transformation in my favorite space. And I did it in a flash!

before and after master bedroom closet with wallpaper

I made my own DIY removable repeat pattern vinyl "wallpaper" with the Cricut Joy and it's something awesome. I mean, flamingos. Come on. Keep reading and see how easy it is to make a complete transformation of your space and quickly and easily personalize just about anything {including your walls!}, with the Cricut Joy.

flamingo repeating pattern wallpaper

DIY Removable Vinyl Wallpaper made with the Cricut Joy
repeating pattern wallpaper

The Cricut Joy is Small but Mighty

I have a few different crafting spaces in my home {the back of my closet is one of them as you can see} but my cutting machines don't have a designated space in any of those spaces unless the box they came in in the closet counts. 

That is until I got the Cricut Joy. That guy is so small and compact {and it's cute} I can leave it out tucked away on a nearby end table. This is spoken by the same woman who puts her toaster and blender in the cupboard because I don't want to see them out on the counter. 

repeating pattern flamingo wallpaper

The Cricut Joy is Cricut's smallest smart cutting machine ever! It is designed to use Cricut Smart Materials, which are different than other vinyl and paper and can work without a cutting mat, so there is less to buy and lug from room to room.

cricut smart materials

The Circut Joy can do just about anything your normal size cutting machine can do. It's small but mighty!

I mean, look at this massive transformation. It's a pretty big space and all I needed was some Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl {I used about 15 feet of a 20-foot roll for this project} and my Cricut Joy. If you are a perfectionist, you can use transfer tape too to make sure you transfer the vinyl with ease but that's it! Seriously. 
before and after master bedroom transformation

How to Make Your Own DIY Removable Wallpaper with Cricut Joy

master bedroom closet craft room transformation

It's easy to create with Cricut Design Space either on desktop or mobile, so I can design and make from anywhere quickly and easily. It's one of the reasons I love my Cricut Joy. It's easy to move from room to room and use it to quickly and easily personalize anything with one cut and one color in minutes! 

flamingo wallpaper

1. Find the image or images you want to use in the Cricut Design Space

I wasn't sure if I wanted animals, geometric shapes or plants as the repeating pattern for my removable vinyl wallpaper, so I typed several different options into the search bar of the Cricut Design Space to see what was available.

I love that there are multiple options, usually of similar images so it's easy to find something that can be used that will be personalized and unique. I considered using various butterflies and even tossed around the idea of using bugs but settled on the flamingos.

The single large cut of the flamingo made it easier for me to apply so keep that in mind before you tackle your project. Some of the other images were more intricate, with little pieces to weed away. 
Just keep those little details in mind as you select an image you want to work with.

2. Resize your image if needed

I found a shape I liked and actually didn't need to do anything to it. It was a perfect size, which made it easy because I literally just selected the shape I wanted from the Cricut Design Space and then continued to cut. 

It was fast and easy!

cricut joy to transform a wall

For this project, I used four different flamingo images. I wanted to have a repeating pattern but have the flamingos facing left and right and some on one leg and others with both legs. The only thing I had to do to prepare my flamingo images {other than select them from the design space and duplicate them} was to flip them horizontally.

smart vinyl used as wallpaper

3.  Get your materials ready

The Cricut Joy is easy to use because it has its own line of Cricut Smart Materials. This means, I can cut without a mat, which is one less thing I need to lug around or prep. All you have to do is click cut and the images are placed on your virtual mat. You can move them around if you want and then hit cut. Your Cricut Joy will do the rest and prompt you on the next steps.

4. Cut your image

cricut joy project ideas

This is the fun part! Once you've got your image ready, just hit go and you're machine will do the rest! I've used a lot of vinyl materials and I'm impressed at how easy the Cricut Smart Materials are to use. The vinyl peels off easily so you can weed out the image you want to use. 

You can make long continuous cuts on the Cricut Joy. I make sure I have plenty of space to cut and usually put it on the floor to work.

cricut joy long cut

I actually cut my strips of vinyl and sorted the shapes so that as I was applying it, I could choose which flamingo I wanted in which orientation. 

cricut joy project ideas

5. Apply your vinyl

use vinyl cut on the cricut joy to create repeating pattern wallpaper

I mentioned earlier that you could use transfer tape. I'd recommend this is you have a complex cut but since I used a solid image, I literally just peeled the vinyl up like a sticker and applied it to my walls.
I used a diagonal pattern to apply it and really just eyeballed the application on the wall. 

I'm not a perfectionist, so this wasn't difficult for me, but if you are, you could always use one of those virtual level lines so you can make sure the items are more consistent in their application. 


I found a cute lamp with a plain lampshade for $10 at Target. I used a few of the leftover vinyl flamingo cut-outs and simply put them inside the lamp. The vinyl sticks to your wall or any surface, including the inside of a lampshade! It's a great way to subtly add a little flare! 

lamp shade transformation with vinyl

Look how cute the flamingos are when the lamp is turned on!

vinyl decals

When the lamp is turned off, you can't really see the flamingo images, so it's kind of a fun surprise!

make your own vinyl decals

15 of the 20-foot roll of the Cricut Smart Vinyl was all I need to make this transformation. If you've priced out wallpaper, you know it can be quite expensive. The vinyl I used cost about $25 total. This could have been hundreds of dollars if I used wallpaper!

Just take a look at all of the cuts I was able to make and the vinyl I was able to use on the back wall of my closet. I think that's money well spent for the dramatic impact it made!

flamingo vinyl on walls

Let's take one more look at my master bedroom closet before:

bedroom closet transformation before

And one look at it after!

bedroom closet transformation after

I'm so pleased with how this turned out. Not only do the vinyl flamingos make a huge impact, but they are also easily removable if and when I change my mind and want a new update in my space.

glam bedroom closet transformation

This whole transformation, start to finish took just a few hours. It could easily be a naptime project or something you could scheme up on a lazy Saturday afternoon. 

From design

closet used as a craft room

To cutting and application! It was a quick project that made a huge impact!

craft room closet transformation

Pin this for later!

repeating pattern flamingo wallpaper

Don't mind me, you'll just find me over here creating in my new space!

create your own wall paper using vinyl decals

vinyl cut outs as wallpaper

vinyl flamingo wallpaper

I know wallpaper is the new trend that's come back in home decor, but if you are looking for a less permanent {and cheaper!} solution, consider creating your own DIY removable vinyl wallpaper using the Cricut Joy.

upcycled room decor using vinyl cut with Cricut joy

As I get ready to send another kiddo off to college in the fall {fingers crossed!}, we are looking at all the different ways we can {temporarily} personalize her space. There are years ahead of dorm living and apartment life in her future and she's going to need temporary decor solutions. I think this would be a great dorm decor project {the Cricut Joy packs away easily and sets up instantly}. I'm definitely packing the Cricut Joy when we hit the road for college dorm move-in day.

cutting machine projects


cutting machine projects

Not only can you use the Cricut Joy to transform a boring space, but you can also use it to personalize just about anything! It's a necessity for just about any home, classroom or office!


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