Thinking Outside the Box: Gifts for Tweens and Teens That They Will Love!

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I'm not sure I ever outgrew my love of toys. I had dolls on my Christmas list well into my teen years and then transitioned to working at a toy store through high school. In college, I got a bachelor's degree in child development and that really just allowed me to spend time playing with and observing kids until I had my own children. So if you're following me, I never quit playing with toys. Nope. 
With the advance in technology, the time spent in childhood seems to be shrinking but thankfully, there are brands like LEGO that encourage kids to be kids. It's a brand that most of us grew up with and now we get the chance to share that with our children. 

Finding fun, engaging and unique toys for tweens and teens can be a bit challenging. There are plenty of toys that cater to younger children, but the market just seems to drop off. So how can you think outside of the box and come up with toys and gifts that will engage those tweens and teens? I've got a few ideas for you!

Thinking Outside the Box: Gift Ideas for Tweens and Teens That They Will Love!

lego and wrapped presents under tree

1. Get Crafty!

There is something special about creating with your hands, so why not put together a craft box with all the materials needed to learn a new skill and create a finished product. 

Some craft box ideas for tweens and teens:

  • jewelry making kit
  • slime making kit
  • soap or candle making kit
  • paracord bracelet kit
  • candy making kit
building legos with mother and son

2. Subscription Boxes

I love getting mail and so do my teens, so why not get a subscription box as a gift. You can find subscription boxes for just about everything now from gaming boxes to makeup and jewelry and everything in between. Your gift could keep on giving all through the year with a subscription box.

3. Gift Cards or Cash

Teens and tweens can be fickle, so why not give them a gift card and they can purchase and shop for exactly what they want. Target gift cards are my kid's favorites, but movie and restaurant cards follow closely behind. That way they can have their own spending money when they are spending time with their friends. Gifting cash or gift cards doesn't have to be boring. You can find fun ways to gift it as well, from money puzzles to gift card trees and folded origami dollars. 

4.  Get Grown-Up Versions of Old Favorites

There are some toys kids just never outgrow, and LEGO is one of them. There are advanced building sets with thousands of pieces created especially for tweens, teens and beyond available this holiday season at Target. There really shouldn't be an age-limit on LEGO building sets. My engineer in the making really likes the Technic sets that come with clever mechanics and working parts.

LEGO building mother and son

5. Gift Experiences

I'm a huge believer in carving out time for our tweens and teens. It's one of the reasons we are so intentional with travel. These experiences don't have to be extravagant, but carving out time in your schedule with the tween or teen allows you to have a shared experience that you just can't put a price one. You can also think about what your expertise is {ping pong pro? sewing guru?} and share your skill on an agreed-upon date.

Some ideas for gift experiences for tweens and teens:

  • concert tickets 
  • play or comedy show
  • sporting events
  • sports lessons
  • interactive event experiences {like escape rooms or laser tag}
  • cooking classes 
  • hiking and/or camping trip
  • spa day
LEGO building mother and son

Gift giving for tweens and teens can be overwhelming and sometimes frustrating, but it doesn't have to be if you start getting your wheels turning and thinking outside of the box.

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