10 Things Professionals Do Every Time They Clean a Home

If you’ve ever had your home professionally cleaned before, then you know the fantastic feeling you get from a genuinely spotless home. Professional cleaners do a better job of making our homes sparkle, and despite all my scrubbing and time spent cleaning, this is a reality I’m having a tough time facing. However, if you want to make your home sparkle like a cleaning crew just came through, you don’t need need to hire the professionals! Here are ten things that professionals do every time they clean a home.

cleaning your home house cleaning tips

10 Things Professionals Do Every Time They Clean a Home

cleaning your home housekeeping tips

Use microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths will give you that streak-free clean that you see in the magazines! Whenever you’re cleaning mirrors or surfaces, use a microfiber cloth to get the job done. These are my favorites.

Don’t clean an area that’s already clean

This one might ruffle a few feathers, but I'm honest! There is no need to scrub your already clean guest room every single week! Focus on the areas that need your attention, and don’t waste your time cleaning an area that’s already clean.

Focus on hidden areas of the home 

The top of the fridge, under the dresser, and the nooks and crannies of the house, are going to need your attention the most. The reason? This is because these are the hidden areas of the house. These are the spaces we usually forget about, so they will take the most work.

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Make your bed

You would be amazed how clean your room will look by simply making the bed! 

Make a cleaning caddy that can be transported from room to room

Gather up your cleaning supplies and put them in a caddy. This will make cleaning go a lot faster, and help you stay organized while you’re cleaning. This is a great deep cleaning caddy. I use a bucket like this.

Don’t put off small cleaning tasks

Unloading the dishwasher might seem like a straightforward task, but putting off small projects like this can add up quick! 

Use the right tools for the job

If cleaning seems hard, it’s probably because you’re using the wrong tools for the job. Pay close attention to the type of cleaners and even your cleaning tools that you’re using. Do your research and make sure you’re using the right cleaner for the job.

I really like Grove.co because most of the cleaning supplies are great for multi-surfaces. You don't have time for lots of different cleaning products, so get ones that do double duty. And if you order now, you can get a free 5 piece gift set to get you started.

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Don’t forget the knobs, switches, and handles

It’s easy to overlook these places because they’re not the first thing you think about while cleaning. However, we touch knobs and light switches every day! 

Use baking soda for tough cleaning jobs

Baking soda works great for treating grime and tough spots all throughout your home. This can also work great for odors too!

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Focus on high traffic rooms when you’re short on time

If you are short on time or only have a little bit of time to clean, start by focusing on the areas of your home that are high traffic. This might include your kitchen, front entryway, and even your living room. If you have time, handle the rest of your spaces.

cleaning your home with kids and a family

While these tips won’t clean your home for you, they will help you make your home sparkle without having to bring in a cleaning crew.

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Abby Fields said...

I love the idea of making a caddy to bring room-to-room! I would love if you made a list of forgotten places to clean. I also think that having your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned,can help your home feel SO much cleaner.

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