Travel Checklist: Everything To Do The Day Before Vacation

Have you ever had so many things to do that you get stuck not knowing what to do first? This can be kind of tricky when it comes to planning a vacation! We are all ready for our trip with fresh plans and new outfits, but we don’t know what we need to do before we leave! If you are planning a trip before you leave, here is everything you should do the day before your vacation.

travel tips for your trip

Travel Checklist: Everything To Do The Day Before Vacation

travel tips for your next trip

Charge your devices

Whether you are only bringing your phone, or you plan to bring other devices, make sure you take the time today to charge them!

We have this portable charger we take with us on trips too because you're often taking a lot of pictures and using your phone often {google maps!} and aren't around a charging source.

Check the weather

Take this time to check the weather before you start packing. The weather has a funny way of changing things up when we least expect it!

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Clean up your house

It might sound a little strange to clean your house before you leave, but trust me, this one is important! You don’t want to come home to a dirty house! Take the time today to tidy things up before you leave! If you don’t have time to clean because you’re too busy, at least do a quick tidy.

Contact your credit card company

Regardless of where you are traveling to, let your credit card company know ahead of time! This way, there are no holds on your card or that your card doesn’t get declined.

I'm finding that when I call my credit card company to alert them, they often tell me I don't need to call, but they take my information anyway, so I say be safe rather than sorry.

Deal with your fridge

If you have any food that might be going bad, take the time to either use it up, freeze it, gift it to a neighbor, or throw it out today! You don’t want to come home to rotting food in the fridge.

Do the laundry

You want to make sure all the clothes you need for your trip are ready! Take the time today to do a few loads of laundry to make sure all your clothes are clean before you leave.

Hold your mail

If you’re going to be gone for longer than a few days, make sure that you have the post office hold your mail. This way, your mailbox won’t get overstuffed while you’re away. It's easy to put a hold on your mail online, no need to go to the post office any more!

what to pack for your next trip


Bring out the suitcases and get to packing! This is why doing your laundry also comes in hand!

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Print off and prepare your documents

If you need to print flight tickets, get hotel confirmations, or anything else before your trip, do that now! Take this time also to verify and double-check that you’ve actually booked everything you needed!

If you are flying, take the time with good wi-fi to download their app. You can get your boarding pass on the app and there are often free movies to stream in flight.

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Pay your bills!

While you are gone, especially if it’s during a long trip, you may have a few bills that will be due. Take the time to pay them now so you can avoid late fees when you get back. Ask me how I know.

Return or purchase anything you need for your trip

If you have a lingering Redbox movie or a library book around your home, take this time to make sure they get returned! If you need to pick up anything last minute for your trip, make sure to do that now too!

travel tips for your next trip

No matter where you are going for your trip, these tips will make it easy to make sure you don’t forget anything!

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