5 Reasons to Send a Handwritten Note PLUS Free Card Download

We just came out of one of my favorite seasons of the year. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards and every day when we check the mail, it's like a fun surprise seeing who sent a card that day. Bonus points if it's got a fun handwritten message or letter inside. The art of sending and receiving mail is dying, and sadly, I'm noticing fewer and fewer Christmas cards and letters too. But I'm hoping the art of letter writing isn't dead. I get it, sending texts are easier, but don't you get that rush when you see a handwritten note in your mailbox instead of a bill? Today I'm sharing a free PDF file with several different card designs that you can color in or paint with watercolor and then send off to a friend. Let's make sure the art of letter writing doesn't die!

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5 Reasons to Send a Handwritten Note

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Cards are a great way to keep in touch and let someone know you were thinking of them. Sure, sending a quick text is easier, but wouldn't you rather find a nice sentiment in your mailbox than a bill? I really think taking the time for a quick note can mean so much more to someone than any form of digital communication. So I'm collecting 5 different reasons why you should send a handwritten note.

1. Thinking of You

Maybe you only send a Christmas card to your old college roommate, but you just heard a song on the radio and it reminded you of a fun evening out or a laugh you shared. Send them a note to let them know you were thinking of them.

Turn a special handwritten note into a keepsake using this tutorial.

2. Thank You

I am old school and will always send a thank you note, but this isn't common for everyone. If you received a gift, send a thank-you note. Or if someone did something kind for you, send a thank you note. Let them know how much their gift or time meant to you.

Want some tips on how to write the perfect thank you note? Check out this post.

3. Celebrate an Accomplishment

Big or small, accomplishments should be celebrated. Did your friend just do something awesome? Celebrate it! Send them a note to let them know how proud you are of them.

4. Motivation

Maybe you know someone who needs a little extra dose of encouragement. They might be going through a rough patch at work or need some extra encouragement with a difficult child. Send a little note to let them know that they aren't going it alone.

Turn kids art into hand-painted watercolor gifts

5. Just Because

You don't need a reason, you can just send a note just because. Maybe someone in your life just needs to hear that they are totally awesome and you can be the one to do it!

Now for the good stuff. I've got you covered. 

You can download this file and print off the images and either use watercolor pencils or watercolor paints to color in the images. You can make your handwritten note that much more special by creating it from scratch!

Some tips for printing:
free notecards to send

These are the three images you will print off

5 Reasons to Send a Handwritten Note PLUS Free Card Download

free notecards to download and send

Click here to download

*for personal use only. Please do not resell.

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