How to write the perfect thank you note! Plus free printable thank you notes

Many people underestimate the value of a handwritten thank you note. Some people want to send a quick e-mail thank you so they don't forget or think that a quick thank you in person is enough, but a hand written note is the best way to show your appreciation.  I've got a few tips to help you write the perfect thank you note.  Tips that may be helpful with graduation and wedding season approaching!

Tips for writing the perfect thank you note

Three lines are key

While it's more than o.k. to write more than three lines, I tell my kids that three lines in a thank you note is the minimum.  

Start with your greeting {don't make it too stuffy and impersonal!}

If you ran into this person in the grocery store or at church how would you address them?  Use that.

Thank you for...

The first line will include what it is that you are thanking them for. If you received flowers from a friend, you could say "I just wanted to send a note of thanks to let you know how much I appreciated the beautiful flowers." Or "Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers!"

How you use the gift

The second line includes how you will use the gift or how you appreciated the gift.  Let's use my flower example again. My second line could say "They made me smile every time I walked past them." Or if you received money for a graduation gift, you would write in your second line, "I hope to use the money for books and school supplies." The gift giver wants to know that your gift was appreciated and how you are using or appreciating the gift that they gave you.

Make it personal

The final line is a closing line that you should make as personal as possible. If my friend sent me flowers I could close the thank you note with "I can't wait to catch up over coffee next week.  See you Friday!"  Or if this is a wedding gift you could say "It was an honor to have you celebrate our special day with us. We look forward to catching up with you at Christmas." You want to use your note to connect with the giver. 

The signature

I almost always end my thank you notes with "Thanks again!" followed by my signature.  You can't say thank you too many times!

Here is my sample thank you note for my friend that gave me flowers.
Dear Megan,
Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers! They made my smile every time I walked past them. You not only made my day, you made my week! I can't wait to catch up over coffee next week.  See you Friday!" 

Thanks again! 
A good thank you note is always handwritten.  It's best to have thank you cards to send instead of notebook paper.  You don't need anything fancy.  I've even made it easy for you!

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