Update your boring office supplies with some gold spray paint!

Am I the only one that wants to gold all of the things? I am loving this gold trend right now and love it even more when I can take some boring office supplies from my junk drawer and update them in a matter of minutes.  This project didn't cost me a dime since I had everything on hand, but now, my office supplies look like a million bucks!  It's so easy!

We all have a junk drawers with pens and pencils right? Why not use gold spray paint and make all of your supplies cohesive? I just love it when things match!

I can never find a pair of scissors when I need them, but when I do have them, they have all kinds of different colored handles.  Nothing in my drawer matches.  The pencils from my kids incentive programs at school never get used and my pens are just boring.

I changed that with a little bit of gold spray paint! Simply mask off the parts of your office supplies that you don't want painted {the erasers on the pencils and the blade on the scissors} and give your supplies a few light coats of spray paint.

 Don't they look so much better now?!  I'm happy to move them out of my junk drawer and onto my desk.  I just love what a little paint can do to makeover something as ordinary as a pencil!

Are you loving the gold trend right now as much as me? What have you painted gold?

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