Where do you find support as a parent?

How and where can you find support as a parent?

From the moment I became a mom I sought out other parents who could help me normalize parenting.  I have been involved in lots of co-ops, play groups, moms Bible studies, MOPS, and on-line pregnancy/parenting support groups.  The ability to talk aloud about what you think only you are experiencing was so helpful to me and those groups helped me get through some difficult times in parenting especially in the early years when you are trying to figure it all out..

One of the hot topics of discussion in parenting circles is how to tackle a weight issue in your child.  Many parents aren't sure how to have this discussion with their children.  A therapist gives some great tips on how parents can open up the dialogue with their kids so that change can occur to promote a healthier lifestyle.
**Tip: Being a good role model is key!**

Another favorite topic of discussion in mom groups that I have been a part of is birthday party celebrations. I've had to ask myself a few times who the party is for. Am I creating a Pinterest worthy celebration for my kids or am I doing it to impress other moms? Check yourself on this one. Your kids probably won't care if the plates, cups and snacks all match a certain theme. I promise!

I remember going all out for my oldest son's first birthday, and yet it's a celebration that he won't remember!  There are whole blogs and websites dedicated to birthday party planning.
I must say I'm grateful that Pinterest wasn't a thing when my kids were little. There are so many great ideas but does the inspiration out weigh the celebration?

And finally, all parents of multiple children struggle with how to incorporate a new baby into the family without making the older children feel left out.  

It was always really important to me to spend one on one time with my older children when there was a new baby in the house.  Even if I was tempted to put a movie on and take a nap when the new baby slept!  My oldest son and I would build trains that would take up the whole downstairs.  My daughter and I would read books together or play kitchen.  We would spend time with the baby monitor plugged in to the garage outlet and ride bikes in the cul de sac.

If I needed to get some cooking or laundry done, I would try to incorporate the things that I needed to get done, and let the older kids be involved in it too.

Where do you find parenting support?  
I think it's best to start looking for help before you think you will need it. Having people around you as a sounding board helps. Many times, those parents in the early years will also last through the teen years too. Keep those friends close, you will need them!

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Dairygodmother said...

hmmm...I'm new to the blogger world and I'll have to check out Circle of Moms. I live in Connecticut and am having a rough time fitting in. I dont have friends or family here and find the local folks...well, let's say they keep to themselves (proud yankees?). I have a 4 year old and another on the way and sure would like to be able to talk to some people who are in some similar situations. Especially if I could find another "older" mom -- I'm 44! Just some people to laugh with and relate to. I feel like it's getting way to serious overthinking things out here :-)

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