The Best Times to Visit Disney World or Disneyland Without Missing School

Taking a Disney vacation can be one of the best trips you go on as a family! Disney World is magical, but it can also be an unpleasant experience. The large crowds and high temperatures can turn a magical vacation into a miserable experience. We all know that the best times to visit Disney are during the offseason, but many of us can’t afford to pull our kids out of school every time we want to take a trip! And as kids get older it's harder and harder for them to miss school. If you are looking for a way to visit Disney without missing any school, here are the best times to visit.

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The Best Times to Visit Disney World Without Missing School

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Four Day Weekends

There are a lot of four day weekends that pop up during the school year, such as Memorial Day and Martin Luther King Day. These are not in the middle of summer, but are a great time to head to Florida or California! You can enjoy much colder temperatures than the rest of the year, and you won’t be visiting Florida during hurricane season! While the parks will be crowded, they won’t be nearly as crowded as they will be during the peak summer months.

Spring break

Spring break varies for many different schools, so this makes it difficult to have one spring break for everyone. This means that while you will notice higher crowds than the rest of the year, spring break doesn’t bring out nearly as large crowds. Many people will visit for their spring breaks, but it will be more staggered than during breaks when everyone has the same time off. 

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You may be saying to yourself, how is this possible? They’re in school, right? While you’re not wrong here, there are many early release and teacher workdays that can help you plan a quick trip to Disney! These are good for short trips or day trips if you are close enough to get there and back before school starts! You can always leave early to head down, spend the day, and head back in time for them to be back at school if you’re dedicated to making that quick trip.

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The beginning of summer

The end of summer is when the crowds will be the heaviest at Disney. Many families try and squeeze in one last trip before they go, so this is your time to beat the crowds! Head out right as your kids get out of school for a quick trip to Disney before the enormous crowds come in. Trust me, others will be there, but it won’t be nearly as crowded.

Near festival times in the park

Disney has many different festivals and ride openings that will draw in large crowds. Plan your trip for the week before or after those breaks during holiday or summer break! If you plan your park days just right, you’ll notice smaller crowds as a result! For example, many people will head to Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival, but if you go to one of the other parks, there will be fewer crowds!

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You don’t have to miss school to visit Disney! If you follow this guide, you can enjoy a fun Disney vacation without having to worry about missing school.

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