The Hidden Costs of Disney that You Need to Know Before You Go!

Planning for a trip to Disney can be kind of tricky. While they give you a ton of opportunities to prepay for your food, hotel, and even park tickets, there are still some unexpected costs that you may not be ready for. Here are the hidden costs of Disney World or Disney Land that you need to know about.

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The Hidden Costs of Disney that You Need to Know About

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Resort Fees

If you are staying at a resort, you will likely have to pay a resort fee for each day you stay there. Depending on how nice the hotel is, you could be looking at paying an additional $20+ per night. Be sure to check with the hotel when you book to make sure you account for any additional fees such as resort fees.

Parking and Transportation

If you are taking Disney transportation, you won’t have to worry about much. However, if you are parking at a Disney resort, taking an Uber, Lyft, Minnie Van, or driving to the parks, you will have to pay a fee. Parking is an additional cost for guests, and even those just coming for a dining reservation. During peak parts of the day and season, Lyft and Uber can get pretty pricey.

Special Souvenirs

When budgeting for souvenirs, it can be hard to know just what your kids are going to want before you even get there. Do some research ahead of time to prepare for unique souvenirs that may be a little more expensive. While building your lightsaber may sound like a great idea, this can be $199 you weren’t planning to spend on a souvenir from the park.

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Character Meals

Character meals are pretty hard to book, but most people don’t realize how expensive these meals can be. The average character meal will run you between $35-$60 PER person! Do your research before you go to make sure that you will get a good value out of a character meal before you spend your money.

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Magic Bands

While Magic Bands are free for resort guests, this can be a quick way to spend a lot of money fast! Since you can link a credit card to your card, there is a chance you will never actually take out a credit card or cash while you are in the park. This means you may be spending more in the parks than you planned.

Peak Season Rates

If you are visiting Disney during peak season, be prepared to spend a little extra. Hotels, park tickets, and even flights are going to be way more expensive if you are traveling during peak season.


While it is true that you can ask a castmember to take your picture in front of the castle or in the park, most people don’t think to budget for ride photos. These can get pretty expensive, so make sure to add some money into your budget just in case you end up with a good ride photo you want to keep.

While you are planning a trip to Disney, don’t forget to keep these expenses in mind before you get to the parks!

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