How to Save Money And Travel the World

How to Save Money & Travel the World

Do you want to travel the world? Perhaps you do, but your wallet is like “Woah, hang on.” It is possible to save money and travel the world. You just need to know how to do it. Don’t get discouraged about how expensive it can be to travel. Let’s face it, saving money takes discipline, keep this in mind as you learn how to save money and eventually travel the world.

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Money Saving Tips So You Can Travel the World

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Go Down to One Car

Want to travel the world, but don’t know where to get started?  Most Americans have at least two cars, if not more. If you’re serious about traveling the world, it might be time to go down to one car. You’ll save money on car maintenance, possibly a car payment, gas, and even car insurance. Vehicles are costly, but this is one area in which you can save money and travel the world.

Get a Job Overseas

When you want to travel overseas, but aren’t sure how to make that happen, here is an idea. Get a job overseas. It is not unheard of for Americans to work overseas. You will save money on the cost of living and make money along the way. Start looking for a job you’d want to do while living overseas.

Work Online

Do you know HOW many jobs are available online now? This is a great way to save money and travel the world. When you work online, you don’t need a car to get to work. You don’t need to use gas to get back and forth to work. PLUS, you can travel the world and still keep your income. If you’re interested in traveling the world, being able to work wherever you are is a great start. If you desire to travel, you sure don’t want to get stuck in one spot.

Make Travel Connections Around the Work

Social media offers something really cool for those who want to save money and travel the world. Use the connections you have on Facebook and Instagram to help you travel the world. Ask if you can stay with friends or family, and you’re going to save a lot of money. Not having to worry about spending a lot of money on accommodations will help you a lot.

I've made some great connections volunteering with a group of international students who are studying at our local college. I have learned a lot about their cultures and made some great connections. Many have invited me to visit and I totally am going to take them up on that because there is no one better than a local to help show you around a new area!

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Know Where to Stay

Now that you know HOW to save money, you need to know where to stay to travel the world. A lot of people use Airbnb to help them find cheap housing. If you’re going to be traveling, you don’t want to spend a lot of money to rest your weary head. Always look for cheap places to stay because this will give you more money to travel with!

Start a Saving’s Account

You won’t be able to travel if you don’t make the money part happen. While you can travel for free, you do need some money to be able to travel. You’ll need money to get to where you’re going, spending money, and live on money. Start saving money now, so you can travel ASAP.


Go on a Spending Freeze

If you’re ready to save money and travel the world, then it’s time to go on a spending freeze. This is where you only spend money you need to. You don’t go out to eat, you eat what’s in your cupboard and freezer, and you don’t make any large purchases. Now, put the money you don’t spend, in your savings account. You’re going to love the fact that you’re not spending a lot of money and you’re actually able to save some.

Lower Your Monthly Expenses

Get serious about saving money and traveling by lowering your monthly expenses. Only you have the power to look at your bills and see where you can spend less. If you’re going to travel the world, you don’t want to be dealing with a lot of bills anyway. Look at your finances and see where you can lower your monthly bills. This will allow you to start saving even more money.

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At the end of the day, saving money means changing your lifestyle. Not eating out, saying no to going out with friends, and so on. In no time, you’ll be able to travel the world! 

What are some tips you have for saving money and traveling the world?

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