Not-To-Miss Orchards in Western Washington

Not-to-Miss Orchards in Western Washington 

While there are many WONDERFUL orchards in western Washington, some of them just can't be missed. What is fall without a trip to the orchard? These are three to consider. 

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Jones Creek Farms in Skagit County 

This quaint 34-acre farm specializes in U-Pick produce, available from August to October. This is known to be the best season for picking apples and pears. While the orchard sells a wide variety of both of these fruits, it also features peaches, pumpkins and squash, figs and most varieties of garlic. 

The farm name is easy enough to remember. It comes from the creek that flows into Skagit River, dividing the property known as Jones Creek. The unique location {near the Cascades} provides a different climate than in the lower parts of the valley, with higher temperatures in the summer and lower temperatures in the winter. 

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Skipley Farm in Snohomish 

Skipley Farm is a horticulturist's dream and a U-Pick paradise, offering tons of variety and unique, hard-to-find fruits available. 

The farm features over 280 varieties of apples, a dozen different seedless grape varieties, many different cherries, pears and plums, an entire acre of blueberries and smaller plots of blackberry, raspberry, black currant, kiwis, jostaberry, mulberry and gooseberry plants. Whew! 

The list of available fruits at Skipley Farms doesn't stop there. In fact, the orchard continues to grow, with the introduction of new and tasty bounties every season. 

Skipley offers tours and several classes highlighting horticultural techniques to include grafting and garden designing. 

Latinn's Country Cider Mill and Farm in Olympia 

Open year-round, Lattin's is a family-owned farm that's been in business since 1976. Although the family advertises as being a small farm, it's quite large in terms of the variety of things to do there as well as the wide selection of products they sell. 

They host several events throughout the year. This includes things like an Easter egg hunt, hay rides, their Apple Festival in the fall and a winter event with decorations, lights and Christmas trees. Kids love the animals the farm allows visitors to pet and feed, as well as the maze and play area designed with family in mind. 

You're able to purchase their products throughout the entire year, some of which include honey, cheese, eggs and smoked meats and products made from fresh produce like syrups, baked goods, ciders, and dried fruits. 

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When you're looking for something fun to do on a fall afternoon, visiting an orchard is a perfect choice. You'll be more than pleased with the goodies you come home with! 

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