7 of the Best Disney World Experiences for Teens

Disney World is fun for all ages, even teenagers! If you have a teenager going to Disney World soon, you will find that some of the experiences are better suited for them than others. Look below at 7 of the Best Disney World Experiences for Teens, and see which rides and experiences you should be sure to add to your agenda! You're going to want to put these 7 at the top of your list!

7 of the Best Disney World Experiences for Teens

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1. The Haunted Mansion

Who doesn’t love a good scare? Disney’s Haunted Mansion is a classic ride with twists and turns around the old mansion where ghosts are waiting around every corner. While scary for young children, the mansion is perfect for teenagers who want feel a chill up their spine!

2. Pirates of the Caribbean 

With the popularity of The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, many teenagers love to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean themed ride. Jack Sparrow has now been added to the ride as well as lots of special effects including a cannonball shootout and blazing buildings. It is a fun escape!

3. Thunder Mountain 

Thunder Mountain is one of Disney World’s thrill rides, which is sure to make even a teenager scream. This ride takes you up and down the mountain at fast speeds with thrilling drops, tips, and turns. It is one of the most popular rides at Disney World and one you should snag a Fast Pass for if you can. 

4. Carousel of Progress

If you want to get out of the heat and take a quick break, The Carousel of Progress is perfect. Sit, relax, and travel through time as the animatronics tell a story about how the American household has changed throughout history. This ride almost never has a line, so it is an easy one to get into when you need to chill.

5. Disney’s most famous eats.

Don’t all teenagers like to eat? Be sure to check out some of the snacks Disney is famous for! Try a delicious and frosty Dole Whip, gnaw on a giant turkey leg, or give the churros a try. Whatever it is you fancy, Disney World has some fun treats to fit the bill and fill you up. While you are at it, don’t forget to stop at the candy store on Main Street!

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6. Enjoy one of the interactive street vendors.

You will find all sorts of street vendors including a silhouette artist, face painters, and more. See them perform their talents up close and buy a souvenir to take home. This is a fun way to stay busy in between rides or when you are resting your stomach after lunch or dinner. 

5. The evening fireworks display. 

No day at Disney World is complete without watching the fireworks display. Grab your phone and be sure to snap selfies of you and your friends in front of the castle as the night sky lights up. Enjoy fun music you grew up with, watch Tinkerbell zip down from the building, and enjoy the magic that makes Disney, DISNEY!

As you can see, there are all sorts of experiences that should be on your list when you visit Disney. These 7 must see Disney World activities for teens are a fun way to spend the day and make the most of your magical visit!

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