Canvas Cactus Bag Tutorial with Tassels

There are some cities in our area that charge for bags now. I hate to pay for bags! I'll walk out with my arms overflowing dropping things behind me as I go just to avoid the 5 cents per bag they charge me. It's why I'm making more cute tote bags and leaving them in my car so that I can avoid the extra charge. I whipped up this cute cactus tote bag because who doesn't love a snarky cactus? I'm hoping people don't really try to give me a hug when I use this bag. I'm pretty sure I'm kind of prickly like a cactus if a stranger were to come in for a squeeze. The thing that makes this bag are the cute little embroidery floss tassels. Aren't they adorable? I'm showing you how you can make your own canvas cactus bag with tassels. It's sure to save you at least 5 cents. That is, if you remember to bring it into the store with you!
western backdrop scene

western scene with cactus for photo backdrop

Canvas Cactus Bag Tutorial with Tassels

western scene with cactus for photo backdrop

You will need:

canvas tote bag {this 12 pack is CHEAP!}
green foil heat transfer vinyl
watermelon colored embroidery floss

I designed my image using my Silhouette Studio software. If you have never used HTV before, check out this tutorial.

Iron or use a heat press to get your HTV to stick to your bag.

cactus tote bag free hugs

To make your tassels, you are going to need the full skein of embroidery floss. I used a metal ruler to wrap my floss around and you will need scissors.

Find the end of your embroidery floss and wrap it around your ruler {or guide} 20 times. Once you have wrapped it, cut off leaving a 1 inch tail.

Cut another 10-12 inch piece.

Slip the wrapped floss off the ruler and try to keep it's shape. Tie the string you just cut around the top making a knot.

Clip the bottom ends off of the tassel.

You can wrap the remaining string around the top a few times and then tie it off.

Use a small length of needle and thread to secure your tassel to the top of each cactus point. Try to use a blind stitch so you don't see the thread.

western scene with cactus for photo backdrop

That's it! Your bag is complete!

western scene with cactus for photo backdrop
Isn't it so fun! This would be a great summer project for older kids to make if they need a bag for the pool or the library. Give it a try and let me know what you think. 

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Anonymous said...

I have a bunch of them that I frequently forget in my vehicle so I just park my buggy near the entrance & go get them. It helps if you're able to park close to the store but as long as the weather is nice that's no biggie. The cart sits there & waits until I get back & go through the till. Nice incentive - Calgary Coop in Calgary Alberta Canada gives you 3 cents per bag as a deduction on your groceries or you can donate it to charity through them.

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The image you print on the bag makes it look really fun. Your idea is very good! novel updates

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