Slip on Collar Reversible Dog Bandanna Tutorial

I am just a little bit obsessed with my dogs. In case you didn't know, I have an adopted Golden Retriever named Sophie and a rescued Yorkie named Frankie. They have their own Instagram account {@sophieandfrankee}. You should follow it. Sophie, dare I say, is just a bit larger than her furry sister Frankie and she's got quite a bit more "fluff", so she doesn't need the same kind of wardrobe that Frankie has because she'd just be too darn hot in everything. But in an attempt to get them matching anything, I made them these slip on {or slip through} the dog collar reversible bandannas. They were super easy to sew and they have both been wearing them for more than a week and they are holding up nicely. You can tailor this easy sewing tutorial to fit any size dog. Come check it out! 
golden retriever dog with a bandana

Slip on Collar Reversible Dog Bandanna Tutorial

golden retriever with a bandanna
As you can see Sophie loves her new bandanna. And they were fun and easy to make. In the span of an hour, I made 6 bandannas for my pups.  
Here's what you need:
coordinating fabric 
cardstock {or paper for making the pattern}
sewing machine {this is the machine that I have and I adore it!}
You don't need much fabric. I think the most I got at a time was 1/4 of a yard and I had plenty left over!

Make the pattern for the dog bandanna 

You are going to want to take your dogs collar off and measure the length, not including the buckles. Measure the height of the widest area of the collar {usually the buckle}.
I used a ruler and drew a line down with the width. In the case of my smallest dog it was 3/4" long. I drew a line across from the bottom of the width line that was the length of the collar. In this case 8 1/2" long. I divided the length in half, and then drew a line straight down the paper going down 5" because that's how long I wanted the bandanna to be. Then I connected the end line on a diagonal to the center middle line on both side. 
I'm not going to list the pattern sizes I used for my dogs, you can see it on the below image. Every dog will probably be different because every collar is a little different.
Cut out your pattern.
I was able to lay the smaller pattern in the extra fabric from the big one, so I saved some fabric scraps.
Put the right sides together and stitch 1/4" seam allowance. 
Once you have that seam sewn, use your hot iron to press open your seam.
{Sorry friends, this is where I accidentally switched fabric and started taking pictures of a different bandana I was working on.}

While the iron is hot, fold over your edges 1/4" and then 1/4" again. Do this on both sides.
Sew that seam down. 
Iron your bandanna closed with the right sides facing each other again.
Sew the diamond shape that remains using 1/2" seam allowance. You will leave the side edges open so that the collar can slip through. 
Flip your bandanna inside out and iron it flat. 
Slip the bandanna over your dogs collar and marvel at their cuteness!
golden retriever dressed up
It's almost nearly impossible for me to get a picture of the two dogs together, but you can tell how cute they are twinning can't you?
yorkshire terrier dog with bandana

No matter the weather, rain or shine, your dog will look dapper {or adorable} in their new slip over the collar reversible dog bandanna.

golden retriever with bandana
If you make one, tag me on social media @msrachelteodoro to show me. I'm not just obsessed with my own dogs, I'm obsessed with yours too! Even better tag @sophieandfrankee on Instagram. They always love more friends!

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