The Best Treats at Disneyland for Under 5 Dollars

Disneyland has a reputation for overpriced food, even with all of the seasonal specialties for the curious palate... Even with the trusted standbys fans clamor for.  Some of the best bites are often overshadowed by the inflated prices and mediocrity of quintessential theme park food.

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But there are some great classic treats waiting around every Disney corner that you can feel much better about buying.  My favorite treats in Disneyland are under $5 and well worth the indulgence.  I won't mention churros.  I specifically want to share foods you won't find in any of the carts around the park.

The Best Snacks at Disneyland for Under $5

Matterhorn Macaroon

There are three major places to seek out in Disneyland.  One is Jolly Holiday in the hub near the entrance of Adventureland.  Among other very tasty selections you will find an inexpensive treat in the Matterhorn Macaroon.  It's tasty, iconic, and cheap.  The Matterhorn image is a celebration of the park that started it all.  It wouldn't matter if it had no discernible shape, because it taste so good, but I can't deny getting a little extra pleasure from the likeness to the first Disney Mountain.  White chocolate and powder sugar give it that perfectly snow capped look.

Dark Chocolate Pineapple Skewer

At Candy Palace and Pooh's Corner, you can watch the candy being made and buy it fresh.  Candy Palace is near the front of the park about halfway up Main Street USA.  Pooh's Corner is in the back of Critter Country.  I recommend popping into both.  There is a lot to choose from in the form of cookies and candy that falls between $3-5.  My favorite is the pineapple skewer.  It's covered in luscious dark chocolate and has the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness underneath the outer shell.

Bengal Barbecue

You can spend money trying to fill up at Bengal Barbecue, but the food is good.  Also the new dining space makes it one of the best places in the park to hang out.  It definitely encourages weary guests to stay and soak up a bit of Adventureland instead of just passing through.  The beauty of Bengal Barbecue is that you can do that and it's great, but you can also grab a really amazing beef skewer for under $5 and move right along.  The line can get long, but it moves fast.  Don't be afraid.  There is also vegetable option for even less.

Dole Whip

I almost neglected to mention this one because there is a lot of hype.  It is under five dollars, though and the hype is pretty well deserved.  If you have never had a dole whip, you should give it a try.  It's my favorite way to enjoy the Enchanted Tiki Room and the line in the preshow area is usually much shorter than the line outside the attraction.

Mint Julep

The new and improved mint julep at the mint julep bar is refreshing and reasonable priced at $4.49.  You can also get 3 Mickey shaped beignets for only $5.  Definitely go for the julep, but the beignets are great for sharing.

Corn on the Cob

Please try the chili lime corn on the cob at Edelweiss Snacks in Fantasyland.  You can also get buttered corn which is good too, but the chili lime flavor is such a great combo and the corn is roasted to perfection.  I'm not sure how it fits thematically with the Alps, but the little Chalet is very cute.  There are also soft frozen beverages for a smidge over $5, but the corn is just $4.79.

What Did I Miss?

Those Are my five top picks for inexpensive treats.  Dole Whip was a bonus.  I needed to mention it, but I didn't think it should take one of the other spots either.  Did I miss anything?  What is your favorite inexpensive treat?

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