Dark and Moody Navy Blue Dining Room Reveal

I'm not sure if it's just because I painted my dining room navy blue, but now I'm noticing navy blue rooms everywhere. And I'm not sad about it! I actually think I love the deep dark tones and texture, which is funny because normally I'm all about light and bright. I think I've finally finished up making most of the changes in my dining room after painting the walls with Sherwin Williams Naval, and I wanted to take a second to reveal some of those changes. I didn't do much, but the whole space feels totally different and I didn't even replace a single piece of furniture! I'm sure I'll be searching for some more accessories for the room {because I love my accessories!}, but for now, I'm excited to show you the big reveal of my navy blue dining room.

Navy Blue Dining Room Reveal

How making a few changes, makes it feel like a whole new space!

When we moved into the house, the previous homeowners had a few walls painted as accent walls. The dining room wall was one of them and it was this orange color that I never really loved.

When we bought our home, the house was twice the size of our previous house and we had to get a lot of new furniture to fill the rooms. The dining room table was one of those first purchases and we bought it on Craigslist for $500.

Over the years, the color on the walls has changed. I found a china hutch at a garage sale for $50. It holds my milk glass and pewter collection and I love it. And now as you can see, I made a few small changes again and it feels like a whole new space!

Paint can transform a room!

Paint really can transform a room. I repainted the accent wall in the dining room to match the wall color in the rest of the house and really, nothing else had changed through the years. 
The same light fixture was hanging, the same dining room table was in the room, but the color on the walls makes all the difference don't you think. It's such an inexpensive update to a room. 

Update a room with layers

The room has wall-to-wall carpet, but there is something that a large area rug does to draw everything together. That was one of the updates I made a few years ago to the room, and after I painted the room navy, I updated the rug again. This time with a beautiful Christian Siriano rug from Home Dynamix. I selected this rug from the Jersey home collection because I loved the navy blue accents it had in the rug, but I also loved that it tied in the colors of the rest of the house.
Some people think you shouldn't layer an area rug over carpet, but really, I think of an area rug as a work of art. Especially one as beautiful as this! I think that as long as your carpeting is neutral, layer an area rug. You do you.
Using an area rug that has complementary colors not only adds texture to your room, it also helps make your room feel more cohesive.

Choose an accent color for your room

While I love the navy, I was immediately drawn to using gold accents throughout the room. 
I found a few gold framed floral pictures at my local Home Goods for only $15 for the pair. I'm not totally in love with them but they work for now. 
I ended up switching out my light fixture as well. I love the gold accent from the light and the round drum shade and the triangle pattern on the shade is replicated in the backs of the dining room chairs. It's almost like I planned that but I totally didn't notice that until this very second.

I'm fairly certain this room will continue to evolve and change over time just as it has in the eight years that we have lived here, but for now, I'm loving the evolution that it's made. It's amazing how a few small changes can make such a difference.

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Mary Beadles said...

I love the navy! What a difference from the previous colors.

Anonymous said...

The two pictures don’t balance next to your hutch.

Anonymous said...

Very classic and beautiful room!!My only suggestion is to hang the light fixture lower.

Jill said...

The dark navy paint is absolutely stunning! By far the best wall color yet in your dining room and it really showcases your furniture. It looks brand new with this darker color that is set off so well with all your lovely white woodwork. I also like the layered rug look with the patterned rug in the faded colors over your neutral carpet. I have done this in previous homes of mine to break up the look of miles of rather bland wall to wall carpet (that was already there). As you said, it adds an accent where it is needed - under a dining table and chairs, to set off a conversation area, showcase a bed, etc. Only changes I would make would be to hang the two gold framed pictures lower (centered on the vertical height of the hutch upper section) and to also hang the light fixture over the table lower. Usually fixtures over dining tables are hung around 34" to 38" over the table so as to be a "unit" with the table and not a ceiling light. I do like the fixture and agree that the gold touches in it and the picture frames are what the navy color needed. Lovely room that truly shows what a dramatic difference the right wall color can make. Thanks for sharing.

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