Succulents Pudding Cup Recipe

I'm not sure it would be lying if I told you that I was obsessed with succulents. I have been for quite some time. Maybe it's because I don't have much of a green thumb and I manage to keep {most} them alive. I actually loved them long before the trend back when my mom would plant them in the yard and call them hens and chicks. I can't think of a more sophisticated way to dress up a pudding cup than with these succulents pudding cups. How fun would these be for a garden party? I've got the full tutorial for you, come check it out!

Succulent Garden Pudding Cup Recipe

hens and chicks and cactus candy in a dirt pudding cup

You will need:

- green candy shreds or green colored coconut shreds

Start by stirring and fluffing up the pudding in the cup.

Place the cookie wafers in a baggie and close. Crush the cookies into fine crumbs. You want them to look like dirt when you are done, and the baggie will help contain all the tiny crumbs.

Pour the cookie crumbs over the pudding. This will create the dirt layer in the cup.

Add the grass layer. Sprinkle green candy shreds or green coconut shreds over the “dirt” layer. Spread evenly.

Now comes the fun part of adding your candy succulents. How cute are these?! Seriously, these are too cute to eat almost!

If you want you place a drop of frosting under each one to secure it in place. Add the succulents over the grass layer until you have a small succulents garden.

Fill in any spaces around the succulents with the candy rocks. Just press them into the “grass” and allow them to fill in and finish out the pudding cup.

Your succulents pudding cup is now ready to be enjoyed. Try not to squeal when you eat it because it's so cute!

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katrina said...

What a cute sweet treat idea! Bookmarking this for future party planning ideas.

Lucy G. Nichols said...

Where do you get the candy succulents?

Sarah said...

Okay, when I first saw this on Twitter I thought they were actual succulents, ha ha. These look so fun to make and would be great for a summer treat or a garden party. I think I'm going to have to hunt down those succulent candies so I can make them myself.

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