Prepare for a Trip to Disney with Everything from The Dollar Store

A trip to Disney World or Disneyland can get pretty expensive. If you plan ahead for your trip, there are a ton of items that you can buy before you head to the parks! The Dollar Tree might be the last place you’d think to get some of your Disney essentials, but they have a great selection and can help you save a bundle on your trip! Here is how to prepare for your Disney trip at Dollar Tree.

Disney on a budget

Prepare for your Disney World Trip at Dollar Tree

Disney on a budget how to have a family vacation you will remember without breaking the bank

There are a ton of water fountains in each of the parks, and even places to refill your water bottle at Disney resorts. Get your water bottles in advance so you can save a ton of money on drinks in the parks! You can even find some Disney-themed ones here!

disney on a budget

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If you plan on bringing your own food into the parks, go ahead and pick up some of the lunch box containers from Dollar Tree. They even have some Disney ones here too!

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disney on a budget shocking ways to save

If you want your kids to have a one of a kind autograph book, pick up some of the Disney themed journals from the Dollar Tree! If your store is out of themed journals, you can make your own Mickey and Minnie Journals here that work great for autograph books.

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Ponchos can get pretty expensive in the Disney parks. Don’t wait until it’s pouring down rain to get one! Pick up a one dollar one from Dollar Tree, and you can use it on water rides if nothing else!

If your kids might be tempted by souvenirs, pick up some of these instead! You’ll save a ton of money, and they can still have Disney toys! These are great to pack for a long car or airplane ride in anticipation of your upcoming trip.

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disney as a family vacation on a budget

Go ahead and pick up some glow in the dark items while you’re at the Dollar Tree! These can be fun for after dark fun at the parks and they are way cheaper than what they sell at the stands. You can thank me later!

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They have a ton of great Disney coloring and activity supplies here! Pick up some activities for the room or for the trip to Orlando or California.

Night light

Sometimes the rooms can be a bit dark at Disney. They don’t have night lights there, so if your little one is scared of the dark, you might want one. It can get pitch black even during naptime, so sometimes a night light is useful just to see your way to the bathroom! You can pick up a fun Mickey or Minnie one from the Dollar Tree.

If you want to start pin trading, or are currently pin trading, don’t forget to pick up a lanyard! Pin trading lanyards at Disney are expensive, and these can be way more customized than the ones there!

If you have a lot of people traveling with you, having a hamper for dirty clothes is a lifesaver! The Dollar Tree has Pop Up hampers that you can use and they fold nice and neat into your luggage! That way you can keep your dirty clothes separate and drop them in the laundry room as soon as you get home. It makes unpacking easy!

disney on a budget shopping at dollar store

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disney at dollar tree on a budget

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While you can’t get everything you need here, this will cross a lot of those items from your to buy list while you are at Disney! Who knows, pop in a Dollar Store near you, you just might find a few other things you hadn't thought of before.

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