How to Rescue Clearance Plants

How to Rescue Clearance Plants

Now that planting is ending for the season many plants are going on clearance at local nurseries, hardware stores, and supermarkets. These clearance plants often look as if they are down for the count with no life left in them. If you have a soft spot for plants this can be difficult to see and you may be interested in saving the plants. The good news is you can rescue many of these clearance plants.

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What to look for in a clearance plant 

When you look at a clearance plant to decide if it is a good candidate for rescue look for a few signs that the plant stands a chance. Does the plant sill have thriving green leaves? Even just 1/4 of the foliage still holding onto life is a sign that the plant can survive pruning and begin to grow again. 

Check for bound roots. Mild root binding can be fixed by quickly transplanting the plant to a larger pot or placing directly into your garden bed. Severe cases of root binding often are beyond repair if the plant has begun to die off. 

What you will need

After selecting a clearance plant to rescue, grab a few basic supplies before leaving the store. 

If you do not have sharp shears for pruning, now is the time to get a pair or to get a sharpener for the set you already have. Clean sharp pruning shears to get the best overall results. 

Grab a new pot and some potting soil if your rescue plant will be staying in a pot. If you do not have a quality compost or fertilizer for your plants picks some up so you can help your rescue plant bounce back.

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How to save the plants!

Once you have gotten home with your clearance plant you can begin the process of helping your plant recover and thrive. Start by pruning away dead leaves and stems from your plant. This will allow the living parts of the plant to better be able to collect sunlight and reduce the strain on the plant overall. 

Prune away any flowers or fruits on the plant to reduce the amount of energy your plant needs to thrive. This will give your plant the opportunity to focus on new growth.

Before moving your plant, mix compost or fertilizer into the garden bed or potting soil. This will allow your plants to pick up much-needed nutrients that it may be missing from lack of care. This will give your plant the best chance at survival.

Once your transplant your new plant you may be tempted to give it extra water to help it grow. Many clearance plants have been starved of water for a long time and do desperately need water but I need to go slowly. Adding too much water to your dried out plants at once can shock them and kill them off. Go slowly and introduce water a bit at a time over the new few days.

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