5 Tips for Choosing the Best Seat when Booking an Airline Ticket

Air travel is changing, and most airlines now offer the option to select your own airline seats. This process can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing but choosing the right seat can make a real difference in how you enjoy the process of travel. This won't guarantee that you won't have a toddler kicking your seat or a baby crying next to you, but it can help you be just a little more comfortable in the process!
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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Seat when Booking an Airline Ticket

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1. Choose Your Seats as Soon as Possible

Some airlines allow you to select your seat when you purchase your ticket, others won't allow you to choose until 24-48 hours before a flight. Some airlines {I'm looking at you Lufthansa}, will allow you to select your seat for a fee enabling you the best selection before those not willing to pay are allowed to select their seats.
The earlier you choose your seat, the more selection you have. If you have the opportunity to select your seat up to 24 hours before your flight, set a timer or alert on your phone so that you don't miss doing so as soon as the option is available to you. 

2. Force an Empty Seat

While most flights are fully booked now, there are times when you will get lucky and there will be a seat open next to you. Why not roll the dice and see if you can make this happen on your own? My husband has a theory that since the middle seat is the least desirable of all the seats for a solo traveler if we are traveling as a couple, he will select the window seat and the aisle seat. We will also do this if we travel as a family and we can sit in pairs. 
The odds are that the middle seat between you will be selected last and if the flight isn't full, it will remain open, allowing you to have a whole row open to yourselves. If the middle seat does get taken, and you want to sit together, simply ask if the person in the middle seat wants to switch to a window or the aisle. They usually are more than willing to take that option over a middle seat between strangers! 

3. Consider the Exit Row

Exit rows aren't an option if you are traveling as a family, but they offer a great option if you are looking for a little bit more leg room. Exit row seats aren't always available to reserve online or in-app, but you can request them with the gate agent. 

4. Stay Towards the Front

I like to be as close to the front on an airplane as I can get. I normally only have a carry-on bag when I travel, so once I land in my destination, I can get right off and be on my way. If you have a layover in a destination, staying close to the front of the plane will help you disembark quickly so you can get to your next flight. 

5. Avoid the Toilet and Galley areas

Besides the obvious unpleasant odors, these areas are noisy! If you were hoping for some rest, you won't get it because these areas will see constant traffic. If you think there are only toilets in the back of an airplane think again! Larger aircraft has multiple bathroom facilities as well as galley areas, so make sure you look at a configuration of the airplane before selecting your seats.

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Increase Your Odds of Getting a Better Seat on the Airplane

Want to increase your odds of getting a better seat on the plane? Here are a few tips.

Join the Airline Frequent Flyer Program

Enter your frequent flyer number every time you fly so that your miles can get added up. The more miles, the more rewards. Frequent flyers get first in line for free upgrades! 

Stay Loyal

Airlines also reward loyalty, so flying the same airline as often as you can when you travel has its benefits.

Ask an Agent

Agents hear complaints often, so approach am an agent with kindness and you might be surprised at how much kindness they will extend in exchange! Ask if there are any empty rows available or seats that are open that they can upgrade you to. 
Check back often, especially before a flight takes off. A gate agent can tell if someone hasn't checked in for the flight and can sometimes give you their seat if they know they aren't going to make it. 
You never know until you ask!

Purchase a Better Seat

Economy Plus, extra legroom, and even more space seats are popping up for purchase. If you want a better seat with more room, buy it. Many unsold business class or first class seats are often available for purchase at a lower rate on the day of travel as well, so it may be worth asking what it would cost to upgrade to one of those seats, especially on a long-haul flight.

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Important tips for Flying 

If you want an upgrade, dress like you want an upgrade! 

Slobs aren't seated in first class! There is an unspoken rule in the airline industry that you treat the industry with respect. It wasn't that long ago that people were wearing their finest for air travel, and I think that mentality is still very much there. You can be comfortable, but please, don't wear your pajamas on a flight and think you are going to get an upgrade!

Check-in for your Flight

Air travel is so much easier now that we can do much of the check-in on our own. You can get your boarding passes in an app on your phone and most airlines will let you print off your baggage tags at home too! Do as much as you can as soon as you can before your flight and then take advantage of the face time with an agent if you are checking a bag or at the gate if you are requesting an upgrade.
What are some of your tips to getting a good seat on an airplane? I prefer an aisle seat, how about you?

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