5 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make a Great First Pet

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kaytee, but all opinions are my own. I wouldn't telly ou about something I didn't love. Promise.

Getting a pet seems like a rite of passage for most kids, but sometimes a family doesn't want the responsibility of a cat or dog. Why not consider a guinea pig? Several years ago, my pre-teen son wanted a pet of his own and he did a lot of research on what would be best. He kept going back to guinea pigs and after having Norman and Cooper in our home for more than two years now, I'd have to agree that guinea pigs make a great first pet. Here are five reasons why your family should consider getting a guinea pig as a pet.

5 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make a Great First Pet

kids and guinea pigs

1. Guinea Pigs Have a Lot of Personality

Most people don't realize how unique guinea pigs are. They have this adorable ability to "popcorn" when they get happy or excited. It's just what it sounds like! They bounce up and down and often squeal with excitement. They can also purr or vibrate when they are happy and they make the most adorable wheeking noises when they talk. Every guinea pig is different, but overall most are calm and friendly. 

2. Guinea Pigs Like People

With the right socialization, guinea pigs will warm up and respond to their owners, often squealing with delight when they see them or running to the cage to greet them. They are just as interactive as a cat or a dog, just a little bit smaller, and they don't require daily walks!

guinea pigs as pets

3. Guinea Pigs Are Easy to Care For

Guinea pigs require a diet of hay, guinea pig pellets, and fresh vegetables as well as fresh water daily. To help provide guinea pigs with quality care, you will need to change out their bedding regularly to keep their cage {and your home!} smelling fresh! Chewing is a vital part of guinea pigs well being {to help wear down their teeth}, so you will need to make sure they are provided with chew toys or enrichment puzzles. The best products guinea pigs need are easy to order here from Kaytee.

4. Guinea Pigs Are Hardy

When well cared for, guinea pigs are generally very healthy. They don't require regular vet checkups unless you notice any problems and they live a relatively long life {6-8 years}. Guinea pigs aren't as fragile as some other small animals and they are generally less skittish. 

5. Guinea Pigs Don't Take Up a Lot of Space

Guinea pigs are the perfect pet for families with a size limit on pets. A guinea pig will need a sizeable cage, but they don't require a yard or green space and do fine in a limited area like a condo or rental property. 

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Some Downsides of Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs produce a lot of poop! 

Their poop is pelleted and generally easy to sweep up, but because of the excessive excrement, weekly cleanings of the cage is necessary. 

guinea pigs in the bath

Guinea pigs can be messy!

Guinea pigs love their hay, but it can be quite messy. We found that if you bag the hay in a brown paper sack, the pigs love to chew through the sack and it keeps the hay better contained.

Guinea pigs don't like to be alone!

Guinea pigs need companionship, so much so, that countries like Switzerland have made it illegal to keep just one. You need to adopt at least two guinea pigs so they have a companion of their own species to talk, play and cuddle with.

guinea pigs as a first pet

Guinea pigs can be smelly {but they don't have to be!}

Guinea pigs are sensitive to smell, so you need to find ways to absorb the smell instead of using products that emit a smell. It's why we use Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Bedding; our family can really tell the difference! Our home stays smelling fresh and clean and we now have a few extra days to change out their bedding {if we need it}. This bedding comes with a 14-day odor control guarantee or your money back! Odor can be the thing that holds you back from getting a guinea pig, but it doesn't have to be when you have high-quality bedding like Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Bedding. Don't take my word on it. Try it yourself! Click here to check out the odor-fighting power of Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Bedding!

Guinea pigs make a great first pet for your family. If you provide a caring environment for your guinea pig, they will reward you with an enjoyable bond that will be very rewarding for a first-time pet owner. 

disclaimer: this is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kaytee all opinions are my own. I wouldn't tell you about something I didn't love. Promise. 

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