Frozen Dog Bones Recipe

frozen dog bones

Everyone loves a frozen treat when the weather starts to warm up. Everyone. Including your dog. Imagine wearing a fur coat all summer long! So why not treat your furry friends to a nice healthy frozen treat when the sun starts to beat down. These frozen dog bones are made with everything your puppy loves. The ingredients are safe for your pooch and they are so easy to make! They will leave you and your pooch feeling pretty darn cool.

dog bones to make from scratch

Frozen Dog Bones Recipe

frozen dog bone recipe

Why Make Your Own Dog Treats?

Making your own dog treats may not be quite as convenient as popping into the store and purchasing a package, but there are far more options available to you when you make your own treats. I have a dog with food sensitivities so I can tailor the treats to meet her needs. 

Dog Treats to Make from Scratch

You seriously don't have to be a chef to be able to whip up these dog treats. Even if you burn toast, you can make these treats I promise! Dogs tend to eat just about anything so even if you royally mess it up, they will still think these treats are just as delicious!

These are even a great treat for your kids to try. What a fun way to get kids in the kitchen! 

The ingredients for these frozen dog bones are easy to find, and you might even have most of them on hand already. 

all natural dog bones you can make from scratch

There are several variations you can make on this recipe. Check out my suggestions below. 

summer recipes for dogs

These small dog treats are my favorite and this dog bone cookie cutter set is the best!

frozen dog bone recipe

All Natural Dog Treats to Make at Home

Feel free to print this recipe off! Share it with a friend but please, only use it for personal use only. Want to share it? Send your friend to this post!

dog bone treat ideas naturally

Dog Treat Ideas to Make

Once you get the hang of making these treats, you can start making them customizable for your dogs palate. You can try peanut butter instead of applesauce, cooked and mashed carrot instead of pumpkin and meat instead of banana. 
dog treat ideas

Once your treats are ready, keep them frozen. Wrap them in wax paper and store them in your refrigerator. 

We don't want our pups to overheat in the sun, so make sure you have these ready for those hot days that are coming! Your dog will thank you later!

dog bones from scratch

Go on! Get creative and have fun with these! This is such a fun recipe to use all summer long!

Want to try making a dog biscuit that will help freshen breath? Try these homemade peppermint dog biscuits.

Looking for fun outdoor activities for you and your dog? Look no further!

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