5 Popular Disney Money Saving Tips that Can Backfire

Taking a trip to Disney can quickly become a costly endeavor. While it can be expensive, there are also so many ways to maximize your Disney dollar and help you save money on your trip! However, there are a few money-saving tips that can quickly backfire and end up costing you more money! Here are five popular Disney money-saving tips that can backfire.

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5 Popular Disney Money Saving Tips that Can Backfire

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Special Promotions

Disney offers many special promotions that can help reduce the cost of your hotel room or even get you free Disney Dining on your trip! Before you jump on these promotions, make sure to do the math to see if it will save you money in the long run. Disney Dining promotions don’t allow you to stack deals, meaning you are paying full price for an extended stay. While this has the potential to save you money, it can also end up making you spend more in the process.

Staying onsite at a Disney Resort

If you are the kind of person who takes resort days or ends up spending a lot of time in your room, then staying onsite at a Disney resort may be a great value. Disney resorts have great options such as movies, pools for swimming, and other onsite activities. However, if you are at the parks from opening to sundown, you will end up paying hundreds for a room, you will just be using to sleep. If you are going to be staying onsite at a Disney resort, make sure you will be spending time in your room, and don’t forget that Disney offers value resorts!

Splurging for an Annual Pass

Annual passes sound like a great value! However, you would have to go at least eight times to make your money back on the price of an annual pass. Even if one member of your family gets a pass, it will take a long time before you see your money back. If you don’t go to the parks often, consider skipping the pass and putting that money towards your next trip instead.

The Disney Dining Plan

Prepaying for your food might sound like a dream! However, gratuity is not included! This is just one additional downfall of the Dining Plan! Disney portions are enormous, and to get your money’s worth you have to be eating a lot of food while you are in the parks. This may include three meals a day, snack credits, and even appetizers and desserts. Unless your family eats A LOT and is eating only at expensive places, you may not get your money’s worth on the Disney Dining Plan.

Splitting Meals

Be careful when deciding to split meals! Buffets won’t let you share a plate, and some restaurants may end up charging you a plate splitting fee! Be sure to ask the restaurant ahead of time before you dine to avoid these fees.

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While there are so many ways to save at Disney, and these can be a great way to do that, make sure you follow these tips to avoid spending more money than you planned.

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