Last Minutes Valentine's Day Gifts under $10 All Available with Prime!

Some holidays just sneak up on you. Valentine's day is one of them. At least for me! So how can you quickly and easily get prepared for the upcoming holiday without spending a lot of dough but still show the people you love how much they mean to you? I've got you covered. I've got the perfect last-minute Valentine's day gifts all under $10 and all available with Amazon Prime. You're welcome.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts Under $10 all Available with Prime

1. Love Notes Book

couples gifts for valenteins day

This fill-in-the-blank book will give you the chance to write all kind of heart-felt sentiments that will be treasured for years to come. I had a similar one I filled out for one of my teens and found it in his keepsake drawer so...

2. Valentine's Day Balloons

mylar heart balloons

Fill a room with balloons. Even better, make them heart-shaped! You can get balloons filled for next to nothing at your local florist or even your grocery store floral department.

3. Hair Scrunchies

hair scrunchies

Hair scrunchies are back in with a vengeance. There are 60 velvet hair scrunchies in this pack. 60. They come to like pennies a piece which means you should buy them all and then distribute them to your favorite friends. Because girls, you know we can never have enough hair scrunchies. 

If you are feeling crafty, you can follow this tutorial and sew your own. 

4. Small Cosmetic Bag

sloth makeup bag

Let's be honest, you just can't have enough small cosmetic bags. They are perfect for packing pencils or markers, make-up or travel toiletries. This one has sloths, so....

5. Fairy Lights
firefly lights for polaroids
Instant cameras and Polaroids are a hit with the kids these days. They love having a place to store their shots too, so why not give them these fairy lights with clips so they can hang some of their favorite photos. 

6. Work Gloves

safety work gloves

Got a long honey-do list? These safety work gloves will be the perfect addition to the workshop for any of your DIY needs. 

7. Beard Kit

beard grooming kit

My husband has jumped on the beard-growing train that is happening in the PNW right now. It's a bit of a dare at work {he's the only one in his group without a beard!}, but he's learning that there is all kinds of maintenance involved, so why not a beard care kit for your favorite hairy beast?

8. Golden Girls Socks

golden girls socks

Need I say more? 

9. Water Bottle Stickers

vsco stickers

Teens love these VSCO water bottle stickers. There are 100 decals in this pack so you are bound to find something your teen is into. 

Or you can try these Office stickers. My teens have all been obsessed with the show and I know these will be a hit!

10. People Of Walmart Coloring Book

people of walmart coloring book

Nothing says happy valentine's day like a people of Walmart coloring book. If you love the memes, you'll love this coloring book

So there you have it. A little list to get you started! I know I picked up a few things for my people! And now my shopping is done. Don't you feel better?

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Anna Jackson said...

Thanks for sharing all these unique gift ideas. I liked most of them. Plus, those socks that you shared looked both funny and cute. I will share it with my friends so that they know about it. I hope my boyfriend checks them too.
Also, I found something cool that I want to share with you - 14 Valentine's day gifts for wife in 2020

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