Valentine's Day framed button art

**this project was first seen as a guest post on DebbieDoo's. I thought you might enjoy it too in case you missed it.**

Red is my absolute favorite color. I just love the energy that it brings and how it automatically livens things up a bit. Maybe that's why I gravitate towards all things hearts and Valentine's.  I created this Valentine's Day framed button art with a clearance frame, some striped scrapbook paper and some buttons I had collected in my button jar.

buttons and scrapbook paper hearts

Everyone has a button jar don't they? I know my mom did when I was growing up and now I do.  I break the buttons out on occasion to make projects like this white button Christmas tree, and that's why I keep them around.  You just never know when inspiration will strike you.

Well, inspiration struck me in a Target aisle the other day when I found these frames on clearance for $1. I knew Valentine's Day was just around the corner, and I knew these frames would be the perfect backdrop for a new project.

I sorted through my buttons knowing I only wanted red and white ones and then I cut my scrapbook paper down to size.

button frame supplies

I tried a few different patterns and designs using my buttons. I had enough of the same kind of red button to make this simple heart.  I simply used hot glue and glued the buttons right onto the glass.

Valentine's day button heart art

I knew I wanted to also have a heart pattern all filled in with buttons so I thought I would use a heart shaped cookie cutter as my guide. It was the perfect size! I took a q-tip that I had dipped in craft glue and rubbed it around the edges and inside the cookie cutter.

glue in cookie cutter

I left the cookie cutter in place and put my buttons inside and stuck them down to the glue. I shifted a few around to make sure they were laying flat, but mostly I left them in the most random pattern.

buttons in heart shape

I really love how they turned out and they weren't very expensive to craft and create. Those are my favorite kinds of projects!

button in the shape of a heart
What's your favorite color? It is OK if you are an adult with a favorite color right?

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