Unfinished wood box turned into versatile centerpiece

Do you ever get stalled out in your creativity? I do. Which is why you have seen less and less crafty tutorials here lately. I just haven't been feeling super creative. You know what I do when I need some craft inspiration though? There are two local craft stores that I go to. They aren't the big box stores, nope. They are locally run small stores and while they aren't owned by the same people, they seem similar to me and carry different products than the big box stores, though with less 40% off coupons.  Do you have a store like that? Something that inspires you when you walk in?

I start by strolling every single aisle. I don't want to miss anything. I was walking up and down being inspired and saw these unfinished wooden boxes. I actually was drawn to the little ones and then I flipped them over and saw that they were on clearance for $2 each. Then I saw the big box and it was only $4. I set my little boxes inside my big box just so I had enough hands and then my creative juices started flowing.

They could make a really cool candy box for a party. Add some fun filler around the edge and candy in the small boxes. They could be a succulent planter with rocks scattered on the sides. They could be...

They could be anything! Inspiration had hit and I took those boxes home with me.

wooden box with succulents

Come see what I made. I had the most fun putting it all together.
I started by painting the whole thing. I know I keep showing you this put all together, but really, until I used Gorilla glue to glue the boxes down, it was 5 separate pieces.

I used a little bit of a dry brush technique with paint that I had in my supply closet. I like the way it looks a little bit like birch wood now don't you?

I found some rocks at the dollar store. That place is my favorite! If you need to know what not to buy there, I shop there often and wrote a whole series of posts on it. You can find start here.

I used three bags of rocks total. I wanted to fill inside the smaller boxes as well.

unique succulent box with rocks

I had some faux succulents from Michael's that I had been using in another part of my house, but thought they would be perfect for this project.

How relaxing is this? It just screams spa day don't you think?

spa bathroom decorating

Or, you can place it on your table as a fun centerpiece that won't block anyone's view.

succulent centerpiece

While I was at the dollar store, I found these square heart shaped soaps. My daughter bought some last year for her bath and really liked them and I liked the look of them all pressed together. I got lucky that they were the perfect size to fit inside the box. I simply took the lid off and slid the whole thing in together. How easy is that!


I thought it needed softening up, so I added some white feathers around the edges.

white feather and rose centerpiece

I just love how versatile this project was and how it inspired me so very quickly to create filler after filler.

feather and rose valentine's day decoration

What would you put inside? I'm thinking candy next!

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michele said...

Jelly beans for Easter 😊

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