Craft room {in my closet} home tour

I am so excited to be taking part in The Country Chic Cottage craft room tour today!  I don't have a conventional craft room, but instead, you can find my craft/sewing room tucked away at the back of my closet. Hopefully, it will leave you thinking outside of the box if you are looking for an area that is all your own.

My husband actually built this area for me, installing can lights, extra outlets, and a desk with three shelves. I just have to show you what the area looked like before. What a mess! 

This is a huge improvement on my old closet space don't you think!

I bought the little vintage stool at a garage sale. It's surprisingly comfortable and provides the perfect blend of seating and storage. The top of the stool opens and has thread storage and a large inside area where I put my yards of burlap. 

Let's take a look around to see the rest!
I love using old Ball jars to hold buttons, tiles, and elastic. It not only organizes all of the items that I need, but it also makes it really easy to see when I need something.

I started sewing in home ec. class when I was in sixth grade. I loved it! I made so many hair scrunchies in the 80's you wouldn't even believe me if I told you! I took as many sewing classes as I could until I graduated high school, making dresses, sweatshirts, pillows, you name it. The best part was being able to use the serger in class. I didn't have one at home, and I loved how it would finish items. So when I saw this Toyota brand one for $50 at a garage sale about ten years ago, I bought it! I don't use it very often, but I love having it for those times when I do need one.

Speaking of sewing, my Janome sewing machine {that I love!} is parked right next to the serger on a huge cutting mat. I can easily remove both machines and have a nice flat surface to cut fabric or measure on.

I found this vintage drawer at a garage sale and have it filled with spools of thread and ribbon at the ready.

 My love of vintage runs deep, and I have these two vintage pin cushions that I use.

I recently showed you how I took a vintage frame and created this "be still" chalk art. I also have a few other framed pictures that I love sitting next to it.

Years ago, for Christmas, I asked for comic book boards. It's a great way to organize your fabric and see what you have at an easy glace.

I bought these white baskets at Wal-Mart years ago. I have a smaller version on top of the shelf. They hold craft supplies like paper crafting, glues, and jewelry making supplies. On the bottom shelf, they hold fabric and sewing supplies.

I know it's a dream for so many crafters to have a designated space that is all their own. I love my secluded space!  Go check out the other craft room tours at the Country Chic Cottage. I promise you might just drool a little!

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