What not to Google

Last week my husband and I were just sitting on the couch talking and he asked me if I knew what those little hanging balls were inside of your throat. Not the uvula that hangs down at the back, but the balls inside your throat.  He had just had a scope because he was having some health issues and while the doctor was telling him all these things, he couldn't remember what that particular piece of anatomy was.

I didn't know either so I told him I wasn't sure.

He responded with "that's too bad because I was going to Google it but I didn't think "googling" balls in your throat would get me the results I was looking for."

I posted our little quip on Facebook because we are hilarious that's why. And the responses from my friends on what not to Google was hilarious.  I am sharing a few of those today and hope that you have some that you can add too because we could all use a good laugh. Plus also we are helping the fellow man from seeing things they cannot un-see on the interwebs. It's like a public service really. 

So here we go.  What not to Google...
Friend 1:
One time my friend was looking for costume ideas for a bum... She made the mistake of googling "female bums"!

Friends, lets not make that mistake alrighty? Hobo might work or just googling "bum costume for girls" might be a better choice than "female bums".

Friend 2: 
We were having a wedding shower for a male coworker.... don't Google "man shower"....
Oh my. Not quite sure where to start here, but perhaps just a few key words might have helped. Like "male wedding shower ideas" or "groom shower ideas" perhaps. 
Friend 3:
Dicks Sporting Goods' website is NOTDicks.com.
This one had me busting up! It's a good lesson for all of us to not be so naive to assume that a stores website would be their name.com. However, I apprehensively clicked the link just to make sure I wasn't linking to anything inappropriate on my site and it seems as though Dicks Sporting Goods got smart and bought up that domain. Phew!
Friend 4:
I was in need of a machine part that was vibrating. Don't google "vibrator" if you are looking for machinery.
Again, another case where being as specific as you can during a Google search is probably going to be your best bet.
In writing this post, I found out that you can also turn on a thing called safe search. Who knew? Google will filter your searches from sexually explicit video and content. You can find out how to turn that feature on here.
I would love to hear about your experiences. You know, just so we can laugh learn together. Comment below or share on your social media site and tag me @holycraftblog.

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