Easy Hair Scrunchie Sewing Tutorial

So, part of me has died a little inside knowing that half of my adolescence is now coming back into fashion. I went shopping with my daughter and I'm grabbing clothing item after clothing item and thinking, I had something like this when I was your age. Geez. Why did I not keep it all??? And why do they have to be looking for this elusive white wash "mom" jean? Please baby Jesus come save us all! But first, let's make a super easy hair scrunchie because if we are going out, we are going out with a coordinating hair tie in holding our messy bun in place! I actually learned how to sew by making hair scrunchies. I can't even count how many I made, but dozens upon dozens. It's funny, how years later, I can still remember how. It's why I'm teaching you my dear friends, because we all need life skills and if sewing your own hair scrunchie doesn't do it, I'm not sure what will!
peony flower and hair scrunchies
Easy Hair Scrunchie Sewing Tutorial
peony flower and hair scrunchies tutorial

Gather your supplies for making your hair scrunchies

You are going to need some fabric, not much, scraps will usually do, 1/4" elastic, and a safety pin.
Cut a rectangle of fabric. 
I made mine 3" wide and 12" long. You can make them wider if you want, but I think the updated hip version of the scrunchie is a little slimmer than the old school version from my youth. Youth, I'm sure you will correct me if I'm wrong.
Your elastic will be half the size of the length that you cut. I like easy math, so my 12" long fabric strip, needed a 6" piece of elastic.
As a kid, I'm pretty sure I never ironed anything, but as an adult, it's my lazy man's sewing technique. If your fabric has right sides, put those right sides together and iron it down. You want to create a long tube.
Once you have your tube ironed, you will stitch a straight stitch all along the open edge. Easy peasy! 

Put your safety pin inside one part of your fabric end and poke the safety pin inside. You will be turning your tube inside out.

Once your tube is inside out, remove the safety pin and iron your tube flat. I like to iron it with the crease in the middle, but you can iron it with the crease down the side if you want.

Next, put your safety pin on the end of your elastic. You will be threading your elastic through. Hold tight to the end of your elastic and push your safety pin through gathering as you go.

Grab the two ends of your elastic, make sure they haven't twisted inside and are laying flat, and sew them together. I used a bunch of back stitching to make sure it was going to hold together.

Flip the ends of your scrunchie inside and put one end of your unfinished scrunchie in the other end. Now sew those ends together. Making sure you overlap your fabric.

That's it! Now repeat because girl, you can't just have one!

lululemon hair scrunchie knock off

So now, go forth and make all the hair scrunchies. Sharing this tutorial with your teen daughters so that one day, they will be sharing it with their teen daughters because man, those trends, they come back around whether we like it or not!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the awesome scrunchie tutorial. Now i need to find the perfect pair of mom jean...🤣 i really enjoy your posts & fun projects. You go girl!

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