Packing Smart and Traveling Light: A Vacation Pro's Tips on How to Pack

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Have you ever unpacked after a trip and then looked at your what you brought and been like, I didn't even use half of what I packed?! Yep. I've been there. I like to pack light. I didn't start out that way, I just kind of fell into it. I realized that when I was packing I was bringing so many things I wasn't using, so through the years I've streamlined what I bring with me on a vacation or trip and am able to pack smart for all my needs, but also travel light too. I've got all my pro tips on how you can do just that too! Maybe you already pack light but are open to learning a thing or two, either way, read on!

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Packing Smart and Traveling Light: A Vacation Pro's Tips on How to Pack

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Limit Yourself

Don't buy a bag or a suitcase that is larger than carry-on size. If you limit your packing options, you won't have reason to over pack. If you have a larger bag or suitcase, you don't have any reason not to fill it to the brim and more reason to throw in an item or two that you don't need, just because you have the room. 

Wear Layers

Even if I'm traveling to a tropical location, I'm bound to be cold at some point in the journey. I usually wear layers as I travel because they tend to be the bulkiest items to pack in your suitcase and free up some of that prime suitcase real-estate.

Find Coordinating Outfits

The key here is to pack items that will go with everything you are bringing. You want to pack clothing that you can wear more than once, because clothes that can only be worn once are just a waste of space. You can mix, match and layer your way into new looks on your trip, whether you are going for a few days or for several weeks. 

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Ask for Help!

Sometimes I'm coming up empty on what to pack with me, but I know I need something for a special trip or event and I enlist the help of my Stitch Fix stylist. If you don't know about Stitch Fix as a traveler, you need to learn! Stitch Fix is a personal styling service and the more times you use them, the better they understand your style. I'll be honest, it took me about 3 times before I found a stylist that knocked it out of the park. I kept giving feedback on what I liked and didn't like and they learn. You can find women's sizes from 0-24W and XS-3X, maternity, petite and even men's sizes XS-XXL.

I have a Pinterest board I've created called "my style" and anytime I see anything I like, I add it to the board. It's always helpful to send this board to your stylist, especially if you have a particular look you are going for and include notes. I always mention that I have a neutral wardrobe and like layers. 

If I'm going to a trip and need a special item, I like to mention that too. All of these comments, make for the perfect Fix that you will love, but will also help you streamline your wardrobe so that you receive pieces you can easily fit into your lifestyle at home or on a trip.

You will also get a fun style guide with your Fix that will tell you how you can style and coordinate the pieces that came in your Fix. 

Coordinate Your Footwear

My rule is, if my shoes don't go with 2 or more outfits, then I leave them behind. Shoes take up a lot of space, so limit them as much as possible and choose shoes that can be versatile. 

Start Collecting Travel Wear

Because I travel often, I've started buying more high-quality travel items to take with me. Your ideal travel wardrobe includes items that don't wrinkle easily, are light and durable and wash quickly and easily. All things worth mentioning to your Stitch Fix stylist so they can help you create a wardrobe that works for your life.

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Pack Items that Can Do Double Duty

I have a scarf that I almost always travel with because I can unsnap it to wear it as a blanket on a cold airplane or use it as a pillow or an accessory with an outfit. Pack items that can serve many purposes. 

Remove the "What If" Items

I'm telling you, every single "what if" item I've ever packed has never been used. If you don't have a clear reason for packing something, then don't pack it.

Consolidate Space

You can ball up socks and underwear and put them into your shoes to save room. Leave behind anything you could otherwise buy or use once you get to your location. I don't bring a lot of toiletry items because I have yet to stay at a hotel {even a remote one} that doesn't offer complimentary shampoo or soap. Most places you will be traveling to, will have everything you will need or the ability to purchase what you need once you get there.

Want to test your packing skills? 

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