The No Stress Guide to Preparing for Your Tropical Vacation

Sometimes you need a vacation from planning to leave for your vacation! It's a lot of work! Getting ready to leave home for any amount of time can be a little stressful, so why not ease the stress a bit and make sure you plan ahead with these easy steps so that you can not only be prepared to leave for your trip ready to unwind but that you can come home to an organized clean house ready to welcome you back to the harsh reality of life again. 

The No-Stress Guide to Preparing for Your Tropical Vacation

One Month Before Your Vacation

Make a list of items you want to pack. Plan your outfits, and try on existing clothing items you have to make sure they still fit before you make your list of things to buy. Add your accessories to outfits and don't forget shoes! I find that when I'm planning for a tropical vacation, it's sometimes in a different season than what I'm currently in, so double checking on all your summer items in the dead of winter is a must. 
If you need to order anything on-line, now is the time to make sure you get those orders in just in case it takes you some time to receive them, or if an order is the wrong size or just doesn't fit right, you'll have time to make a return.
Book any appointments you might want done before your trip {waxing, nails, haircuts} before you have limited appointments available to you. You don't want to be scrambling to try to squeeze in an appointment because it's all they have left, or worse case scenario, not being able to get in at all!
Before a tropical vacation I always schedule a bikini wax. I spend 75% of my time on the beach in a swimsuit, I don't want to think about shaving or razor burn, so I always schedule a bikini wax. First time guests get 50% off waxing services at Waxing The City, so start there!
If you have pets, now is the time to make arrangements for boarding or care options for them. 
Start planning for excursions or crowd sourcing on social media. Your friends can be a wealth of information for tried and true experiences that they enjoyed on their vacations. If you are going on a cruise or to a resort, booking on your own is usually much cheaper than booking through the activities coordinator or concierge once you get there, and it will save you time when you are on vacation to just be on vacation instead of sitting around a desk trying to figure out how to book your time.  

**Money Saving Travel Tip!
It's always worth checking on any of your existing reservations to see if flights, hotels or rental cars have dropped in price. This doesn't always happen, but it's crazy how often it does and you get money back in your pocket or sweet little upgrades you weren't counting on. It doesn't take much time, so it's worth taking a few minutes to check it out to see if you have any savings. 

Two Weeks Before Your Vacation

Make plans for how you will get to the airport. Book any airport parking or ask a friend or family member. 
Make any dinner reservations for restaurants that you know might be booked up. 
Reserve any books you want to bring with you from the library or shop on-line so they arrive in time. 

One Week Before Your Vacation

Be mindful of the perishable grocery items you are buying before your trip. You don't want to stock up on fresh produce and dairy items that will go bad or that you will have to throw away before you travel.
Plan a few freezer meals ahead of time so that you can come home relaxed from your vacation and not find yourself headed to an expensive dinner out. After you've enjoyed your tropical vacation {and seen the bill!}, spending more money is probably not in the budget. It's easy to make a double batch of whatever you are having for dinner this week and pop it in the freezer for your return trip. 
Those appointments you made a few weeks ago, will probably all be scheduled for this week. 
Take some time to enjoy them. Ask any questions you might have about maintaining the services you have had done and don't stress out about waxing if it's your first time. At Waxing The City, they have seen it all, and know the best ways to not only make you more comfortable, but will do their best to help you get long-term results. 
You might want to even throw in a good brow shaping. Waxing The City Cerologists are eyebrow experts. Mine did a brow fill and I was blown away. Seriously, you might not think you need it, but man, years younger!
It's time to go shopping for your favorite beauty products, sunscreens and other lotions and potions you may need! You might not have to make a special trip. Waxing The City has a full product line of body butters, sugar scrubs and everything you need to create a brow that wows! 

Two Days Before

Set out everything you want to pack. Make a list of those items you will still need for the next few days {sunglasses, toiletries, chargers, etc...} but that you don't want to forget. This will set your mind at ease so you aren't constantly having to remind yourself of those items and once you pack them the night before or day of, you will have peace of mind as you cross them off your list.
Download any music to your phone that you want to have while you are on the plane and pack up any entertainment items. 
Check if you have any bills that will be due while you are gone that aren't set to auto-pay. Mail any birthday or anniversary cards for friends of family that may be happening while you are gone.
Use a good self-tanner. I love a good tan, but I don't love skin cancer, so find a good self-tanner that you like and lather it on after your shower. Let it dry thoroughly before you get dressed.

**Self-tanner tip!
Most people don't love self-tanner because it has a bit of a smell to it. After you put on your self-tanner according to the directions, lather on your favorite scented lotion. Not only will this help you even out the tanner on your skin, it will also leave you smelling great! Don't forget to wash your hands after!

Day Before

Pack up everything! Check and double check the list you have been making. Leave a list of your toiletry items you want to bring on your bathroom sink in case you need them in the morning.
Get any snacks or food items you want to bring with you prepped. 

**Travel tip:
If you have items in the refrigerator you will be bringing with you, leave a sticky note for yourself on the door so you don't forget them.

Check in for your flight and make sure you have your passport {if needed} and your photo ID in your carry on. 
I like to clean the house so that when I return everything is tidy and it's one last thing I have to do when I return. 
palm trees tropical location prep with waxing the city
Get a good nights rest knowing you are all prepared and ready to enjoy your trip! You are going to have the best time!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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