Clean Your Fridge Fast!

I've got a few chores I despise. Cleaning my fridge is probably at the top of that list. I think besides our washing machine, our fridge is the hardest working appliance at our house. Unlike the washing machine though, the fridge is something every family member uses pretty frequently {I need to work on the kids and the laundry situation!}, so it takes a beating. 
I think the reason I don't clean our refrigerator very often is because it just takes so long. Or so I thought! I had 15 minutes one day and my HomeRight SteamMachine plugged in and ready, so I thought I'd tackle the fridge to see how clean I really could get it in just a few minutes. It was kind of shocking! The SteamMachine did the hard work and I came behind to wipe up the messes. I'm pretty sure I won't be waiting as long between cleanings anymore because now I know how I can clean my fridge fast. Come see 6 tips on how you can clean your fridge fast!

Clean Your Fridge Fast

fridge clean and sanitized with homeright steam machine

1. Remove everything!

Start by taking everything out of your refrigerator. Keep a trash can nearby so you can toss anything that is expired, leaking or looks questionable. You can move everything into a cooler, but this is going to be fast, I don't think you will need to.
While you are doing the unloading, plug in your SteamMachine if you haven't already. The tank is HUGE {40 ounces!} in this thing, which is awesome, but it does take about 7 minutes to warm up.

2. Start with the hard stuff

Once your fridge is empty, you can see where you need to focus in on. I usually start with the nylon utility brush attachment to work out the stuck on stuff. The steam helps to break it down quickly so even left on stains {you know, the ones you've been ignoring!} come up easily. 

3. Get in the cracks

I love the HomeRight SteamMachine jet nozzle for getting in cracks. Those refrigerators have a lot of them too! Follow the steam with a dry washcloth to get all that dirt and yuck the steam is pulling off the sides.

Side note: Let me stop for a second and address an issue I sometimes hear. Not about cleaning your fridge, but about all these various attachments. I know people think they will lose them because there are so many {the SteamMachine comes with 17 of them!}, but you won't! I'm the worst about this, but trust me, I have managed to keep them all together because there is a built-in accessory storage unit. It's pretty amazing. Carry on.

4. Wipe it down

The steam does the hard work so you can simply follow behind with a microfiber towel or washcloth and clean up the debris and food particles left behind. If it's been awhile since you cleaned your fridge {full confession it had been more months than I would like to count!}, you might need a few rags on hand to help with the cleaning, but only once one gets dirty and soaked, that way you can move on to another one. I think I went through three, so not too many...just want you to be prepared.

5. Set a timer

When I was a kid, this was my moms cleaning hack for us kids. She would set a timer and tell us to clean for 10 minutes. I think what stops me sometimes from cleaning is perfection. But now I'm learning that I'd rather have progress than perfection and it's OK to set a timer and do what I can in the amount of time that I have. You may not get all the dirt from the way back recesses in 20 minutes, but man, you are going to make it look a zillion times better than it was before I promise you. 
My husband and kids are still opening the fridge several days later and gasping at how clean it is. So yeah, maybe I shouldn't have waited so dang long to clean it.

6. Clean the contents

Clean the contents of your fridge before you put them back. Just take one of your now-wet rags from cleaning the inside and swipe the outside and bottoms of all your jars and bottles. You don't want any drips from them getting on your newly cleaned fridge.

7. Wipe down the outside

Once you have the inside all cleaned out, use the steam to clean the outside. Those stainless steel appliances get fingerprints and streaks. Simply spray the outside with steam and follow it with a microfiber cloth to clean and sanitize the outside of your refrigerator.

Pro tip: Wipe in one direction when cleaning stainless appliances. We have a tendency to want to wipe in circles but wipe with the grain of the fridge {usually up and down} and you will get rid of those streaks that sometimes stick around after cleaning.

cherry kitchen cabinets in custom home
That's it friends! It's super easy. Seriously, so easy I kind of surprised myself. Now that I know I can tackle this once hated chore in no time, I am going to add it to my list of things to do once a month. Using the HomeRight SteamMachine is what makes it so easy. Why don't you have one yet??? Get your SteamMachine here. Learn more at

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disclaimer: this post was sponsored by HomeRight. All opinions are 100% my own. I wouldn't tell you about something I didn't love. Promise.


Lucy G. Nichols said...

I just bought the steam machine but all those attachments boggled my mind. What I want to do is clean outside cushions. Can I use it to clean leather furniture? I have so much to learn about it and to sure where to get the answers.

An Trieu said...

That is one handy tool! I'm so inspired to start cleaning up my fridge! hah

Abraham Kuntai said...

This is awesome.with this procedure in my fingerprints i'll be able to clean my refrigerator frequently.It's super easy.

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