Clean Your Gas Range and Oven Without Chemicals

I don't know of many people that decide to just clean their oven on a regular basis. Heck, to be honest, I haven't cleaned mine since we moved in 8 years ago. I actually bought a huge bottle of this toxic oven cleaner, sprayed it inside and let it sit overnight before I could get in there to do any cleaning. {to be honest, the oven cleaner is better suited as a furniture stripper!} That's probably why I haven't cleaned the range since then. No one has time for a multiple day cleaning project. No one.

But alas, I was pulling my Costco sized lasagna out of the oven and that thing went rogue on me and I spilled the whole thing all over the oven door and inside the racks. I wasn't done cooking the lasagna yet so that stuff got baked on. Awesome. Nothing like a huge spill to encourage you to clean your oven, so the next day I went to work. To be honest, I wasn't sure I could clean my gas range with just steam but dang it if I wasn't impressed. Not a single chemical was used and in under an hour, top to bottom, every nook and cranny was clean. Don't take my word on it, come find out how you can clean your gas range and oven without any chemicals.

steam cleaning kitchen appliances

Clean Your Gas Range and Oven Without Chemicals

viking gas range how to clean it without chemicals

Let me start by saying that I love my industrial gas range. I've never in my life had a gas cooktop before, but now I get why people love it. And I get why people love this particular industrial range in their homes. It's pretty amazing. {not my range, but similar}

While I don't deep clean it often, I do clean the stove top about once a week because it's so dang easy. Everything comes apart and it breaks down and fits back together so easily. I never thought about using my steam cleaner to clean it until I had my little lasagna oops, but now I'm never looking back. 

I have no idea why the steam cleaner wasn't on my radar to help me clean my oven because that machine literally cleans everything else in my house. I've got it cleaning everything from my car to my refrigerator and everything in between

Is Steam Clean Better Than Self Clean?

When you are comparing the two, steam cleaning versus the self-cleaning function on your oven, there are several factors that make steam cleaning the superior choice. My oven doesn't actually have a self clean feature, so that option is out for me anyway!

It's Environmentally Friendly 

Steam cleaning uses only water, and eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals often found when you need to self-clean your oven. This makes it safer for not only your environment, but for your home and health as well!

It's Quick and Efficient

Steam cleaning my oven from top to bottom took me under an hour. If I used the self-cleaning feature the cycle typically runs at least a few hours, if not overnight! You can expect self-cleaning with steam to be your faster option.

It's Safe!

Self-cleaning cycles can subject your oven to extremely high temperatures for prolonged periods of time. This can damage sensitive components if done often. Steam cleaning on the other hand is gentle and uses gentle heat that is less likely to harm your oven's internal parts.

It's Versatile

Steam cleaners can be used for all kinds of surfaces, from detailing your car, to cleaning windows and removing tough stains in hard to reach places, like your oven! With different attachments you can also tackle grout, countertops, upholstery and more, making it a really versatile investment!

1. Start at the top

I took off the various parts of the range so that I could get down to the nitty-gritty and clean everything. I used the brass brush attachment and set to work getting off the grease and grime that had been baked on. The brass brush was the shining star when it came to getting off the layer of grease I didn't know how I was going to get off.

I used the jet nozzle attachment to get in close to the gas burner. 

Please no judgement on how dirty this bad boy is. I told you, it's been awhile!

2. Piece it back together

Slowly piece by piece put your range back together cleaning each piece as you go. I switched out my brass brush for the utility brush attachment because it's made for the more delicate surface of the burner trays. 

The utility brush easily gets into the small areas of the range top making cleaning a breeze. You can wipe down any leftover dirt with a microfiber towel.

3. Clean the tray

I'll be honest, it was about a year of living in our house before I realized that the range had a tray that could be pulled out to be cleaned. Once a week, I usually vacuum out the crumbs but there is stuck on grease drops that get on there. I underestimated my SteamMachine and was quite impressed when the spots came right up. 

I switched back to the brass brush for this part. When I was a kid my dad used to tell me to give it some elbow grease. Not necessary with the steam machine and the right attachments. 

clean grease from your oven

4. Work your way down

After I finished with the range, I started working my way down. I opened the oven door and found grease build up on the top of the door. Again, my brass brush attachment saved the day! See the left side with it clean and the right side hasn't been touched yet.

clean grease from your oven

I kept my brass brush attachment on for the oven door and started to get the grease off with the steam cleaner, followed by a quick wipe down with a clean rag.

clean your oven with steam

5. Clean the inside

I removed the racks and used my jet nozzle to clean the small areas of the oven.

I switched back to my brass brush attachment because it's so darn easy to go back and forth with attachments as you clean and I got started on the bottom of the oven. 

Seriously, not a single chemical needed, I only used the SteamMachine and it worked like magic to clean even what I thought would be tough grease spots. 

clean the inside of your oven with steam

6. The Fastest Way to Clean Oven Racks

I put the wire racks back inside. It was easier for me to clean them like this because they were more stable. See how clean the brass brush gets the racks? The right side is done, the left side is waiting for me to work my magic on it!

cleaning wire oven racks with steam

7. Clean the outside

When we got stainless steel appliances more than a decade ago I was clueless how to clean them. I bought every chemical in the book and over time, I've found that my HomeRight SteamMachine and the jet nozzle attachment is the best method. I follow the steam with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

clean your oven with the homeright steam machine

I was seriously amazed at how well the steam cleaner cleaned my gas range and oven. All of the attachments I used came with the SteamMachine, so there isn't a need to buy anything special. It's really that easy and chemical free is a good thing.

homeright steam machine cleaning your oven

I was able to clean the range hood with the SteamMachine and it left the whole thing gleaming.

gas oven cleaning tips

Your kitchen will be taking center stage during the holidays. Make sure your stovetop and oven are shining stars just like you will be this holiday season! The steam cleaner is your magic weapon for a clean home! 

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Anonymous said...

I’ve never used a steam machine before. It sounds amazing!
Any concerns about getting water drops in/near any of the electrical parts?

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