Oreo Pumpkin Patch Chocolate-Dipped Cookies

It's that time of year when the pumpkin-spiced everything starts coming out. I do love a good themed snack or dessert item, so why not create something "pumpkin" themed everyone will love for fall? These chocolate-dipped Oreo pumpkin patch cookies are easy to make and so fun to share. They will be requested at all your fall parties and gatherings. 

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Chocolate-Dipped Oreo Pumpkin Patch Cookies

chocolate dipped oreos

To be honest, there really isn't a need to make an Oreo better, but if there was a way to do that, it would be by dipping an Oreo {my favorite cookie!} into chocolate. These look fancy, but they couldn't be any easier to make. With minimal effort, your friends and family will be so impressed by your chocolate making skills!

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Why use chocolate melts and not chocolate chips?

Chocolate candy melts are so much easier to use. They melt smooth and leave you with a nice thin coating just like you would get at the chocolate shop. When you melt chocolate chips, the chocolate goes on much thicker and you likely won't get a nice smooth finish.

When you use chocolate melts you don't have to temper your chocolate the way you do with chocolate chips. I don't really understand the whole process of tempering, but I've heard it talked about on The Great British Bake Off, so I know it's a thing. I just know that you get that nice shiny finish when you use chocolate melts. 

You can often find candy melts on sale at your local craft store {like Joann's or Hobby Lobby}, or you can find them here.

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Additional items you will need:

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Yield: 10

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Oreo Pumpkin Patch Cookies

Everyone loves an Oreo, so why not dress them up for fall with this quick and easy chocolate-dipped recipe.

prep time: 30 Minutes Cook time: total time: 30 Minutes 


  • 2 cup orange melting chocolates 
  •  ½ cup green melting chocolates 
  •  ½ tsp coconut oil 
  • 10 pecan pieces for the stems 
  • *any colors can be created using a base of white melting chocolate and blending in a tiny amount of gel coloring (must be specific gel coloring for melting chocolates). 
  • *For the lighter orange pumpkins I added some white melting chocolates to the orange until I reached the desired color


How to decorate Oreo Pumpkin Patch Cookies

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  1. Set up a double boiler with shallow pan and ramekins for each color chocolate. Fill with water till halfway up side of ramekins 
  2. Be careful not to get water inside them as it will seize the chocolate. Turn heat to medium-low. 
  3. Add chocolates and smidge of coconut oil to each, stirring to combine as they melt. 
  4. When the chocolate is melted, spoon orange into the bottom of each oreo candy mold until filled halfway. 
  5. Add the oreo and push down lightly. Fill the orange chocolate around the cookie until completely covered. 
  6. Put oreo candy mold in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes.
  7.  Use a toothpick dipped in green to create leaves in the center of the oreo candy. 
  8. Add a dollop in the center of the leaves and “glue” a pecan piece to it for the stem. 
  9. Use the toothpick and green melted chocolate to form vines. Get creative! 
  10. Set to dry and harden. 
  11. Store in an airtight container
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Tips for Chocolate Covered Oreos

To save time, you can melt your chocolate in the microwave instead of using a double broiler. Follow the directions on the back of the package. 

  • if your candy melts start to thicken, simply microwave the chocolate again in 15-second intervals until it's melted.
  • scrape off extra chocolate on the bottom of the cookie so it doesn't puddle and create a stand
  • not all chocolate candy melts are created equally. Some don't taste like chocolate, so make sure you try a few different kinds out to find the one you like best. 

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The same idea of chocolate-dipping applies for other holidays, simply change up how you decorate your Oreo. These make great gifts to give and are perfect if you have a holiday bake sale. 

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chocolate dipped oreo pumpkin patch cookies

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