How to Support Your Teens as They Discover Their Passion

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Everyone feels passionate about something, but sometimes by the time a teen finds their true passion, it seems like it may feel too late. Taking the time to help your teen discover what they really love at an early age can help them decide what to pursue as a career and can help give them invaluable experience that they may not be able to get as they get older. The NERDS brand believes that everyone is perfectly imperfect, just like its candies, and wants to encourage people to "nerd out" be embracing and celebrating nerdiness in everyone. "Nerding out" means unleashing that passion, smarts, and creativity to be great at something and love what you do. It's why I love partnering with them!

We've all heard the sentiment "do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your whole life." As a parent, isn't that what we want for our children? I know I want my kids to grow up to be functioning adults who love what they do and feel passion for it, but how can you support your teens as they discover their passion? I've got a few tips on ways as a parent, that you can support your teens as they discover their passion. Read on, because I've even got a great way to earn $10,000 grants that will be awarded to five clubs/organizations so they can celebrate their passion and hobby. Visit to submit your entry and learn more. No purchase necessary!

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How to Support Your Teens as They Pursue Their Passion

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Talk About Their Interests

This may seem like a no-brainer, but have you sat down with your teen and discussed what they are really interested in? Sometimes as parents, we are quick to jump to insert realism when we hear that our teens are passionate about something that we may not see as career worthy. However, the interest that they may have may be able to be channeled into something they are passionate about, which then, in turn, may turn into a pretty amazing career in the future. 

A child that thinks they might want to be a rock star, doesn't need their parents telling them how unrealistic that is, but instead, a parent that supports their passion may help guide them into a career in sound engineering or music management. There are lots of out of the box careers that may not be on our radar, but that our kids can discover with the right connections.

Encourage Their Passion

A child who is passionate about something will be willing to put in the effort to support that passion. However, they can't do it alone. Most teens will need their parents to support them {ie pay for lessons, drive them to meetings, research alternative education, etc...}. Teens need someone motivating them and encouraging them and when they want to quit, they need someone to support them and help them take the next steps. 

Find Adult Mentors

Teens typically take things very personally and are often more motivated by other adults approval than they are their parents. I've found that if I allow those adult experts I've helped cultivate in their life to speak into them, it's far more effective than a lecture from me!

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Don't Follow Your Agenda

It's easy to want to steer your children in a particular direction, but take some time to step back and let your teens' interests and passion drive their path rather than your own. 

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This topic is fresh on my mind as my husband and I are supporting our youngest son and his passion for aerospace. In the fall, he will be attending a "special" Aviation High School. This new school means an hour-long commute in city traffic daily, but we know that this school will support his passion. Part of me was worried about sending him to this non-traditional high school because it will be filled with kids that were just a little bit different, but then I realized that just a little bit different is OK.

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I've always been a fan of NERDS {you know, the popular candy with the tiny, tangy crunch!}, and now we are all loving the new Big Chewy NERDS and Big Chewy Sour NERDS.  I love that the NERDS brand is the champion for celebrating everyone's right to be a nerd. 

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