15 Awesome Gifts Every Coffee Lover Needs

Do you have a coffee lover on your holiday shopping list? I absolutely love shopping for gifts for coffee lovers because there are so many amazing gifts out there for them! I decided to do a little look around Amazon and see what kind of awesome gifts every coffee lover needs and, I was not disappointed! Check out what I found:

15 Awesome Gifts Every Coffee Lover Needs

Hey, sometimes it's hard to get up before that first sip. We all recognize that, so why not gift these socks and make someone else's life a little easier?

How would you like to give the gift of never cold coffee? A YETI Rambler 14 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug with Lid like this will do just that! It keeps coffee hot til the last sip.

Want to give the gift of a calm heart? This beautiful book is a great way for anyone to start their day while enjoying their favorite cup of coffee.

Even adults like to color sometimes. A coffee lover who likes to color will definitely love getting this coffee coloring book for a gift.

One of the best things about coffee is the smell, don't you agree? Now you can get that smell in a candle! If you really want to give the best home decor gift for coffee lovers, this may be the one.

Subscription boxes are a great gift idea for coffee lovers. You can introduce them to coffee that they wouldn't have otherwise known about!

If you don't want to commit to paying for an entire subscription for a gift, how about a sampler box? They can try out several diffrent types of gourmet coffees and decide on the subscription themselves.

I have yet to meet a true coffee lover that doesn't love the taste of French Press coffee, so a French Press Coffee Maker is always a great gift choice for coffee enthusiasts.

Every coffee lover should have a coffee grinder available at home. There is nothing like the taste and smell of freshly ground coffee.

Pour over brewers are great for every coffee lover. The slow drip taste really brings out the flavor, and they work well for those times when the power is out too!

This Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine comes highly, highly recommended by coffee fans all over. If you are looking for the ultimate gift for coffee lovers, this may be it.

If you are shopping for a gift for a cold brew coffee lover, this starter kit, might be just the thing! Iced and cold brew coffee is hot in the coffee world these days, and this gift will be great for someone who prefers that over hot coffee.

Give the gift of over 50 coffee recipes. You will also be giving the gift of more money because with all of these recipes, they will no longer have to drive through the coffee stand.

This rustic-style wood "But First, Coffee" sign makes a great gift for coffee lovers. Between the popularity of this farmhouse style decor and the deliciousness of coffee, you can't go wrong.

When all else fails, give the gift of free coffee. When buying a coffee gift card, Starbucks is always a good choice since they are located all over the place.

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