How to make a robin's egg from a Target one spot find

Last month I was honored to guest post at Debbiedoo's, a blog I have read for years and years. I just love her thrifty re purposing ways. We are kindred spirits. I was even more honored when she asked me to be a monthly contributor. This post I'm about to share was originally written for her blog only, but I want to give you a chance to see what you are missing so that you will go on over and follow Debbie so you won't ever miss a thing! 

easy to make Robbin egg

I was in Target the other day shopping the one spot and found these huge plain eggs for only a dollar. A dollar! I love a good deal, and these were a blank slate just waiting to be used for a project. I picked up the egg and it had a little tag on it that said "decorate me". I thought to myself, "challenge accepted" as I threw that egg in my cart. I had lots of different ideas for things to do with the egg. Some of them I've already done like cover the egg in book pages or draw a cool design with a sharpie

There were so many possibilities for things I could create, but I went the robin egg route and I really like the way it turned out.

easy to make Robbin egg

I started with some blue paint that I had in my craft stash. We all have so many different colors of paint at our disposal right? Pick the one you love and start brushing it on in a thin coat.

I always have a supply of these deco art metallic paints on hand because I love how they really are metallic. I've done a few projects with the metallics like this and this. I squeezed a small amount on to my paper plate I was using for paint and dipped my brush in. Now, things are going to start getting real!

Remember the days of flicking paint? Well, we are doing it again! Start flicking away and making speckles on the egg in a random pattern.

Once your egg is dry, you can have fun finding a spot for it around your home.  I used this dough bowl and some moss that I had in my home.

easy to make Robbin egg

Since I already had the paint, this project only cost me $1 to complete. I just love a good project on a budget don't you?!

I'm hoping you will run out to Target, get an egg and be inspired to create something for yourself now. Then tag me @holycraftblog {on instagram, twitter and facebook} so that I can see your creations.

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