DIY Projects You Can Tackle Yourself

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or your home of 10+ years could use some sprucing up, it can be overwhelming sometimes. If the list of house projects is starting to give you anxiety, this is your opportunity to tackle some DIY projects, even if you feel like the least handy person around the home. You don’t need someone to paint your walls or tile a backsplash! With patience and a little time, you can tackle all of these yourself! Making practical and stylish additions to your home can feel intimidating. But these DIY projects are simple enough that you can tackle them yourself!

diy projects you can do yourself

DIY Projects You Can Tackle Yourself

diy home improvement projects you can do yourself

Accent Walls

Adding a feature or accent wall to your home is not as difficult as you think. Compared to repainting a whole room, one wall is like a walk in the park! Adding wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint gives the space a new light, making your whole room pop. If you’re interested in how to do this yourself, I wrote a whole blog post on our feature wall here.

board and batten diy

We also added board and batten in a kids bathroom and in our entryway. Adding moulding is a great way to easily elevate your space. 


If you are afraid you don’t have a steady hand, wallpaper can easily add color or a new pattern in a way that paint can’t always do. Wallpaper is easy to apply as long as you have your measurements right. If you have wallpaper on your walls currently, use this tutorial to make sure you remove the wallpaper properly.


     Check out my blog post about removable wallpaper if you want something temporary. I even did a post about removable shiplap wallpaper and the WHOLE process.

     If you’re on a budget, or working with a small space, see my tutorial for using contact paper as DIY wallpaper.

Gallery Wall

Pinterest would have you believe that decorating a gallery wall is only for those with an eye for design. However, you’d be shocked at how simple making a gallery wall can be. If you already have a gallery wall, it might be time to upgrade it! I used a vintage mirror and frame to make a low-budget gallery wall for my daughter’s room; the bulk of that expense was a new mirror! If you’re like me and HATE crooked frames, here’s my blog post on how to fix them for good!


Paint or Upcycle Furniture

Painting furniture is only limited by your imagination! Whether you have scratches and chips that need a fresh coat of paint or just want to make your furniture pieces look different, you can do so many easy DIYs!


     If you want my technique for easy refinishing furniture stripper, check out this post!

     Check out this post if you want to bleach furniture to get that raw wood look!

I love scouring Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for cheap furniture finds. You know what they say about "good bones", it applies to furniture too. You can easily upcycle a piece of furniture for your home by stripping the stain or repainting it and making it look like a whole new piece of furniture you paid a lot of money for!

Add Plants or a Garden

I think plants add an extra layer of life to your home. You can add houseplants {real or fake-there's no shame in that game!} to help decorate a space. I have this faux olive tree in my dining room and have acquired some live houseplants on my buy nothing group from someone moving out of state. 

Several years ago, we turned an unused section of our yard into two raised garden beds. Adding plants around your home creates an extended outdoor living space you can enjoy too! 

diy projects you can do yourself!

Change Your Fixtures

You might feel like you need to hire a plumber to update your bathroom or kitchen fixtures, but installing new faucets isn't that hard! This is a DIY project you can tackle on your own and it makes a big difference! If you get stuck, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help, but it's really not that difficult and you can easily change things up without hiring a pro!


Add Built-In Shelving

One of my favorite DIY projects in our home, was ripping out the cheap wire shelving I had in my closet. We ordered custom cabinets from Easy Closets and designed the closet ourselves on the easy to use platform. My handy husband installed it all in my closet and having a pre-made solution that was ready-to-build made it easier to DIY. 

Owning a home has a lot of expenses. Something will always break, and there will always be something you need to be doing. But with this list of DIY projects you can tackle yourself, you can save some money on your home improvement projects and help create the home of your dreams on a budget.

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