How to Fix a Crooked Picture Frame on a Gallery Wall For Good!

Know one of my pet peeves? Crooked frames. I just cannot stand seeing a crooked frame hanging. There is one frame on my dining room wall that is constantly moving. I literally walk to it at least once a day just to straighten it. It's become my little OCD habit. One frame is one thing, but when you have a gallery wall and there are eight or twelve frames askew, watch out. I'm looking for a solution. I took to Twitter to see what you all would recommend and I loved the creative solutions. I decided to try one simple thing surprised that I hadn't thought of it before and dangit if it didn't work like a charm. So I'm sharing my secret tip on how to fix a crooked frame for good!

gallery wall frames

How to Fix a Crooked Picture Frame on a Gallery Wall For Good!

gallery wall straight frames

Tips for Hanging Frames for a Gallery Wall

100 years ago, ok, seven years ago, I shared how we were creating a gallery wall with mirrors and frames in my daughter's room. That daughter has now gone off to college, but you can see this post for more tips.

tips for hanging a gallery wall

I also shared some tips on this post too. I mean, this wall is massive. Could you even imagine having to straighten every single one of those pictures on the daily? 

tips on hanging a gallery wall

I recently redid three bedrooms in our home. We have one room that is quite a bit bigger than the others and it's always been promised to the oldest until they move out. The time had come for the youngest to move into the big room.

geometric accent wall

My oldest son will be getting married in October, and it was time to start thinking about ditching the twin bed in the guest room and trading it in for something the newlyweds could sleep in when they visited.

I decided to create a gallery wall using IKEA frames on one of the blank walls. 

IKEA frames are great, they are just incredibly light, which lends them to easy swaying and moving on the regular. I needed a solution that would keep me from losing my mind and guess what? I found it!

Here is what you've been waiting for!

The Secret Trick to Keeping Picture Frames Straight on a Gallery Wall

secret tip to keep your pictures straight gallery wall

Are you ready for it? My secret tip? 

I bought this Scotch mounting putty at Hobby Lobby, but it's literally half the price here. 

scotch mounting putty

I took the smallest little ball of putty and rolled it into a ball.

scotch mounting putty

I put two small putty balls on the bottom corners {one on the left and one on the right} and using both hands, press firmly to the wall. 

scotch mounting putty tips

I did this with the bottom of all of the frames and stepped back to marvel at my handiwork.

gallery wall frames tips for keeping them straight

This little fix cost me under $2 and I'm doing it to literally every picture hanging in my home from now until forevermore because it just works so darn well.

pin this for later!


Can you even believe how easy it is? I know you have a frame that's hanging askew. Go get some of this secret magical putty that probably has unicorn tears and fairy wings in it because it works. You can thank me later.

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