Vintage mirror and frame gallery wall for under $40

My daughter just turned 12.
She has vintage taste just like her mama and she has a lot of ideas and changes her mind a lot,
again, just like her mama.
Isabella has had a vision for her room for the past few years that has changed and before I made any quick design changes, I wanted to make sure she had a clear idea of what she wanted to live with.

It all started with a vintage mirror I bought last year at a garage sale for $3.
I used a dry brush technique to paint it white and when I was going to take it to the shop to sell, my daughter convinced me to let her keep it.
Her idea of a mirror gallery wall began with that one mirror and over this summer, I have spent time finding any mirror or frame that might look amazing on that wall.

These are just a few of the mirrors and frames that I found at garage sales that finally completed our hunt.
I painted each one with a dry brush technique

and then Isabella took a dry paper towel and wiped off excess paint to let some of the gold shine through.

Once the paint was dry, we had to come up with a way to hang the mirrors on the wall.
I had Isabella make outlines of every mirror using newspaper.
{and for the biggest mirror wrapping paper}
Each paper had a number that coordinated with a number on the frame/mirror that it matched up with.
Using painters tape, I taped the frame outlines up on the wall.
We moved and shuffled things around a bit, but in the end, this is the final result we came up with.

For under $40 
{the bulk of the expense was a new mirror from Target for her birthday}
we completed the mirror wall.
She absolutely loves it!

And if I can also point out the $3 chair in the corner from Goodwill outlet 
{I painted the arms of the chair, but the coral fabric is original...and awesome!}
and the desk {$10 at a garage sale}
as well as the lamp {I exchanged some crafty stuff for it from another crafty gal}
 That side of her room is complete!

Now to figure out how to use a jigsaw and make a headboard.

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Jane B. said...

I love your wall gallery! And hanging them with newspaper is such a great tip. Thanks for sharing!

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